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2020.12.04 11:07 Tharkun140 Our understanding of Greek mythology is flawed and here is why

Ranting about Greek mythology seems to have gotten pretty popular recently. The most popular is, invariably, Hades and whether his status as a villain in most modern works is deserved. I find these discussions a little overdone, though still better than all the memes about how much Zeus loves sex and how gods are arbitrary jerks in general. While these aren't wrong, I think people making these jokes don't quite understand what Greek mythos actually are.
Starting with the obvious, Greek mythology was not a religion in quite the same way Abrahamic faiths are. It's not just that gods weren't all-powerful or perfectly good, they're relationship with their worshippers was drastically different from what monotheists experience. The gods were asked for support and appeased for fear of punishment, feared and admired alike, but you wouldn't be encouraged to see them as friends or parents. Unless you were a priest there was no loyalty required, much less any love. If you didn't talk shit about gods it wasn't because you considered it wrong, but because you were afraid to be struck by lightning or something. You can scare a greek polytheist into respecting the gods, but you can't shame them like you can a Christian. If someone realizes there is no lightning about to strike them and decides they're above social repercussions, it's blasphemy time.
Another thing is how decentralized the mythos was. Christians, for all their schisms, have a set of books they can fall back on if they want to learn about their God. Hindus have Vedas, and while these are very different in terms of genesis and function, they still provide some framework for the religion. Even Norse pagans had sagas to read and while they had wacky stories about their gods, they could at least roughly agree where the universe was going. Greeks had no book or set of books that contained all their beliefs and no religious head to tell them what's heretical and what's not. Many mythological deities and creatures were created by some storyteller for no reason other than to provide entertainment and are only remembered today because some dramaturgist bothered to copy it and write the name down in the script.
Now, what do you think happens when you have an entire civilization believe in the same gods, but they do not truly care about these gods and there is no authority to determine what depictions are accurate? Does everyone come together and create a consistent belief system? Or do countless people create their own stories about the same characters for drastically different purposes, resulting in a set of figures with inconsistent origins, feats, and personalities?
You can see where I'm going with this.
When we read summations of Greek myths, we read a mishmash of serious religious dogmas, cautionary tales, and power fantasy stories that were assembled by some modern scholars and treated as one big picture. We take Zeus the Arbiter of Justice and Zeus the Sex Maniac and treat them as one character. It makes about as much sense as taking Christopher Reeve Superman, Red Son Superman, Superman Prime One Million, and whatever Zack Snyder made and talking about them like they were one and the same. Except instead of 80 years of comic book history we have centuries of oral tradition and dramaturgy, and then two millennia of these stories being distorted by people who didn't even claim to believe them. Any argument about such a figure can go either way and they can only be meaningfully discussed as a cultural phenomenon rather than a character.
So was Hades evil? Probably according to some Greeks. There might have been stories about him harassing women all throughout the world, but they didn't catch on and so were lost to time. Hades doesn't have a single creator, no copyright owner to decide what's canon or not. He can only be meaningfully analyzed as a character in the context of one story. It's more interesting to wonder what Hades meant to people, or what he could be if given a modern look. It's almost never worth arguing about.
And please don't bring the original Greek Gods into battleboarding. Please.
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2020.12.04 10:26 mixAlottaFagina I'm Pausing My Research Into Historicity For Now; My Conclusions: Two Jesus's, A Much Grander Geopolitical Context

I started writing this post, and once it became 100,000 words when I was done, I decided to rethink it. I didn't want to just walk away, so I'm going to present the absolute summary with minimal explanation.
This is just my tentative hypothesis, as I reach a limit of source data and can't devote more time to this for now.
Also, my statements are bold. My 100,000 word version really explained my thinking and reasoning.

Two Jesus Figures

The first is Judas of Galilee who is Messiah ben Zadok to James the Just's Messiah ben David. They follow an Enochian theology, are the Sicarii, and believe in an apocalyptic, violent messianism. Elements from the bible such as Jesus being recongized as king and messiah, the triumphal entry on a donkey, come from Judas's life. Elements of James's life overlaps with the "other Jesus". In fact, Simon bar Giora's crucifixion is transposed onto the composite Jesus.
The second Jesus is a relative of the Boethusians and Adiabenians. He is Jesus ben Pantera. The family tree is astonishing. He was never a Christ. He was a "new Moses" who at first coexisted within John the Baptizer's movement. John being of the former, Judas of Galilee, factional affiliation. Paul later gave this "new Moses" a messiahship via a cosmic vision. He was directly opposing the messianic claims of James the Just.
Both Jesus's are Hasmonean descendents.
They were combined in the Flavian Household to stifle zealot violence, but also sustain Vespasian's recognition as a messiah of Judaism. Jesus, Paul's celestial Christ, becomes ben Zadok to Vepasian's ben David. The Flavian Christianity didn't last, and a patchwork quilt of messianic, gnostic and Nazorean cults rise and fall in the East in particular. The texts of Flavian Christianity are discovered by Marcion, who is not Jewish and is already a fan of Valentinian ideas. He reworks the texts into his prefered ideology and publishes them. This is better textual exposition on "Christ" than any other Christians have, but the theology is not quite what they teach. So they extrapolate from Marcion what they think was the original version. That's more or less how we get the gospels.
Flavian Christ is the only time the two Jesus figures are combined into a composite. Paul's Christ was in competition with James's. So the few texts which plausibly emerge from Marcion's interpolation become the only textual and historical proof of this composite Christ.
Especially later, neither the former messianic Jews, or new Moses Nazoreans realize that this Christ - whom they adopt as their own - retains elements from the other.

The Composite Family (Fabricated)

The family of St. Mary is as follows:
Matthan whose wife is Mary. Their daughters Mary, Sobe and Anne. Sobe's daughter is Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist, Anne's daughter is St. Mary.
This family is fabricated. Anne and Elizabeth share the same story.
The true story is that of Elizabeth, John's mother. The desire to combine Jesus ben Pantera and Judas of Galilee means that Jesus has to be grafted into Judas's family so that their relatives can overlap. Thus, Elizabeth is duplicated, and this is Anne. Mary is then given to her as a daughter.
When you can remove Mary from this family, things start to line up very well for the two sets of families of the two Christs.

Judas The Galilean

Matthan is Antigonas II Matthias, the High Priest and Hasmonean King. Mary, his wife, is Mariamne I. Herod killing Antigonas coincides with the timing of him marrying Mariamne.
They may have had a couple daughters, but one was Elizabeth. Anne is a symbolic representation of her. Anne's husband is Joachim, or Jehoiakim. The King who lost Judah to captivity. I identify this man as Judas the Galilean, who failed to rise up against Rome.
Judas's father is Hezekiah the robber. Hezekiah is vexing the Galilee with fighters, contra young Herod, at the same time Alexander the son of Aristobulus II is doing the same. I identify Hezekiah and Alexander as the same. Hezekiah is symbolic for the righteous king fighting against blasphemers. Alexander is the father of the same Mariamne mentioned, and brother of Antigonas. Thus Antigonas did marry his niece.
Thus, Judas is in fact Alexander's son and Mariamne's brother Aristobulus III. Judah was the hebrew name of Aristobulus II, and he was the last independent king of Judea. I think Aristobulus III survived his "drowning" (baptism/conversion?) at Jericho and returned as "King Judah".
Aristobulus as Judah marries his niece Elizabeth. Their son is John the baptizer. James the Just is also related to this family. They are the last Hasmoneans. Aristobulus III had already been High Priest of Israel and was a claimant to the Hasmonean throne. Forget complicated lineages, if Aristobulus III was the one riding the donkey into Jerusalem, no man on Earth had a better claim to do so. They had adopted a new ideology to oppose Herod's temple.

Jesus ben Pantera

This is going to sound very strange without my explanation, but here goes.
Ptolemy Menneus ruled a region called Chalcis, North of Galilee. I identify him as Philip II Philoromaios, son of Philip I the Seleucid. It's a name he adopted during his brief tenure ruling in Antioch. I believe his mother is Cleopatra Selene, who was widowed and in proximity to Philip I during his brief time at Damascus. Part of the story of Menneus vexing Damascus in the 80s BC is actually Cleopatra Selene doing so in his name as his regent (he would be born around 92 BC).
Philip I was connected, in a way history doesn't appreciate, to Babylon (probably through Osrhoene and Adiabene). Philip had Parthian support, and support from the confederated Arab tribes of Oshroene. The Arab leader there, Aziz, is the father of Sampsiceramus who becomes an important leader in Syria who has dealings with BOTH Ptolemy Menneus and Philip II (because, I think, we can see them as the same person). The geopolitical key to understanding is that when the Parthians first took Babylon and defeated the last Seleucid attempt to win it back, they captured and honored a Seleucid prince. I think the presence of Seleucid royalty - sworn to Parthia of course - in upper Babylon was an important compromise to placate the Babylonian nobility.
The Armenian history grants to a man named Mannos or Arsham (who can be identified with Ma'nu or Abgar Ukkama either way, kings of Oshroene) the same history as the Parthian usurper Tiridates II. He is famous for capturing sons of the Parthian king and giving them to Augustus.
A famous settlement agreed to on 23 BC established a peace between Parthia and Rome, and Tiridates would have been central.
I believe that Ptolemy Menneus is Tiridates, and part of the settlement involved establishing him and his family as important Seleucid descended middlemen in Upper Mesopotamia. He also is given prominence in Herod's court as part of the same balance of power arrangement.
Ptolemy Menneus married a sister of Antigonas II named Alexandra.
I have concluded they produced probably three sons: Bazeus, Simon and Josephus.
Bazeus is Monobazus King of Adiabene, later husband of Helena and father of Izates II and Monobazus II.
Simon is Simon Boethus.
Josephus is mentioned in Antiquities of the Jews as "Josephus son of Menneus" and is part of an embassy representing John Hyrcanus II.
I identify Ptolemy Menneus mother as Cleopatra Selene. Menneus is related to Ma'nu, and is therefore only a royal title. The name given by his mother was probably Ptolemy Cleopatros. Cleopatra Selene believed her progeny deserved the throne of Egypt as well as Syria, holding herself superior to the Ptolemys which came after her.
Cleopatros in Hebrew is QLPTRS. Shortened, QTRS. QTRS is an inscription representing the earliest form of "Cantheras". Simon Boethus is Simon Cantheras Boethus.
Ptolemy will have had to effect at least a half-hearted Jewish conversion to marry a Hasmonean princess. He would have received a Jewish name.
Simon "Cantheras" Boethus is Cleopatros, or Cleopas. His brother is Josephus.
Cleopas and St. Joseph's father was "Jacob Panther."
If Ptolemy Cleopatros (Cantheras/Panthera) received the Jewish name Jacob, then the Jews may have called him "So-called Jacob who is really Ptolemy" or "Jacob who is Ptolemy" or "Yakov Zu Tolomy" which is YZT, or Izates (no really, YZT is Izates).
"Bar Izates" if shortened to "baYZTus" (Izates is "bizutos" in the Talmud), through frequent oral repetition, becomes "bOETHus". No really, it's the mechanics of the mouth, it's correct phonetics. This is even more strongly reinforced if you begin in Aramaic "bYZT" and the oral tradition finally ends up transcribed into Greek or Slavonic. "Boethus" is a Greek name having nothing to do with Jewish heritage. A greek transciber hearing only the oral tradition born of frequent repetition, would have no idea this is Aramaic "bar Yakov Zu Tolomy" in origin. Boethus is a decent name though.
Therefore, Jacob who is Ptolemy Cleopatros (Jacob Panther, Izates), is the father of Simon Cleopatros bar Izates (Cleopas, Simon Cantheras Boethus).
Simon's daughter Mariamne marries Herod the Great.
It would take ages to explain, but Nikos Kokkinos believes Herod II (their son) probably lived in status and wealth near Judea until 33AD (because of a letter from Philo about Pilate's golden shields).
I believe Herod II was given Chalcis of Lebanon by Herod long before Herod's death. Because of the deal with Tiridates (Ptolemy Menneus) which also, as it happens, is why Simon Boethus is made High Priest of Israel. This is Augustus (favoring Tiridates) twisting Herod's arm, though Herod seems to have already married Mariamne II.
Herod II, a descendent of Ptolemy Menneus, the original ruler of Chalcis gets to have it outright as a concession to Ptolemy Menneus. Herod will be content to know that Herod II is his son, moreover for a time Herod II is recognized as principal heir.
Thus, while he is disinherited later, I believe Herod II retains a claim of Chalcis. Which is where he goes after Herod the Great's death.
Philip the Tetrarch, son of Cleopatra of Jerusalem, was in Rome at the time that Herod found out or believed he was "betrayed" by Herod II and Mariamne II.
Cleopatra of Jerusalem had two sons, Herod and Philip. The elder, Herod, is mentioned all of once and never again in spite of the prominence Philip receives in history. Thus, I suspect as do most historians that Herod died young.
However, I now believe that Cleopatra of Jerusalem is the same person as Mariamne II. Her real name being Mariamne Cleopatra, since her father is Simon Cleopatros. My best guess on her mother is a priestly Jewish woman of Alexandria probably related to Philo (just a guess).
The reason why we hear of two separate people is that Philip the tetrarch is being insulated from Mariamne II's and Herod II's shame. Secondly, it really does seem that Josephus and the rabbis are loathe to talk about:
33AD Chalcis Herod II Jesus
Josephus does start talking about Chalcis a lot after 41AD, but after the region's status under Zenodorus gets confused, including no mention of it in Herod's will, it isn't mentioned at all until Herod Agrippa lists it among his possessions. It's even given to his son Herod who is called "Herod of Chalcis".
So, I think there's a kind of obfuscation here. Cleopatra of Jerusalem is Mariamne II. Cleopatra's elder "Herod" is Herod II. Philip is spared their shame because he was being educated in Rome during the scandal.
Philip is given the areas of Iturea which are associated with Ptolemy Menneus - save Chalcis.
Also, if Ptolemy Menneus is Philip II Philoromaios, consider that Joesphus names Ptolemy's son as Philippion. For Mariamne to use Philip for her second born indicates a family tradition.
Mariamne, widowed in 4 BC, would leave to live with kin, but whom?

Monobazus of Adiabene

Josephus relates a Jew named Zamaris from Babylon with an army of horse archers. That's Adiabene. Zamaris is probably Bazeus
Zamaris settles in Batanea in Iturea, founding a city called Bathyra. His purpose is to fight robbers connected with Zenodorus - I suppose his kin. And the occasion for Zenodorus's poor fortunes, which begin in 22BC, has to be the formal delivery of his domain to Herod II, displacing him. He and his son Lysanias II only retain little Abilene.
Bathrya is the center for Babylonian Jews near Judea. Famous rabbis come from there. They are connected to the Jesus of Gamala and the Gamala fortress, and this same man was married to Martha Boethus (much later).
Martha Boethus is the daughter of Simon Cantheras (Simon II that is, son of Simon Boethus, brother of Mariamne). His children are Elioneus (Eleazar in Greek, or Lazarus), Martha and Mary.
Bethany, the home of Lazarus, is it on the Jordan near the Dead Sea - far from Jesus' ministry - or is it Bathyra in Batanea? Is Lazarus Boethus's household in the city of his uncle Bazeus?
Could this be the place to which Mariamne II and Simon Boethus retreat after Herod's death, or rather after their fall from grace?
Mariamne II will have no husband. Polemics about Jesus Panthera suggest Joseph was a scoundrel. Mariamne's uncle was Josephus. Could he have impregnated her through rape or deceit? Could he have died after?
Bazeus marries "his sister" Helena. Sister-brother marriages occur among the Ptolemys, but are not very tolerated elsewhere, certainly among Jews. Uncle niece marriages are okay. Moreover, if you have a brother with a wife and family, and the brother dies, you are obligated to marry the woman and raise the family. Some interpretations of Jewish law say she automatically becomes your wife.
What if Josephus dishonored Mariamne, and Bazeus "took care of if". Then out of dutiful obligation, married his niece and committed to raise the child - Jesus.
Mariamne was renowned for her beauty - Josephus Flavius's explanation for why Herod married her. Helena has the same meaning. Perhaps Mariamne is the same as Helena.
After Jesus, she bear Monobazus II to Bazeus. Finally, at a relatively but not miraculously old age of around 45, Mariamne bears Izates II. Might Bazeus have piously taken this old-age pregnancy as a sign, hence the reason for the story about putting Izates first in line for the throne?
Here then are the five sons of Mariamne II:
Herod II, Philip, Jesus, Monobazus II, Izates II.
Now I will speed through more identifications.
But, one last note. This is endlessly complicated, but I had to really dig into the chronology of the Edessan kings list.
Suffice it to say, I believe Bazeus died in 25AD. Per Josephus, Monobazus II ruled for a couple of days just long enough for Izates II to arrive from Corduene. Monobazus graciously stepped down, honoring Bazeus's wishes. Izates II reign in Adiabene was probably continuous, but 40 days after his coronation his uncle Abgar the White (perhaps a son of Ptolemy Menneus from another woman??) usurps power in Edessa. Edessa is a distinct throne from Adiabene. However, Helena is the wife of Bazeus and Abgar, and the Armenian history, the circumstantial evidence with Philip I, etc. all suggest a sometimes shared crown between the two kingdoms. Nisibis lies between the two. And since Abgar's nephew is restored after 6 years in Edessa, and Izates II is given Nisibis by the Parthian king, we can say that Izates likely ruled from the Euphrates bordering Syria though to lower Zab. All of Upper Mesopotamia that is.
In summary, as of 25 AD, Bazeus is dead. Izates is in Babylon. Abgar the White rules in Edessa, Monobazus II is probably in Galilee.

30-36 AD, 33AD

Herod II's domain's border meets Philip's at the base of Mt Hermon, Paneas. Philip builds this up to be his capital: Caesarea Philippi. One imagines the brothers would spend time together.
Herod rules Chalcis not as a legitimate son of Herod the Great, but rather through his rights as a descendent of Ptolemy Menneus. So, Herod is Herod bar Ptolemy. Philip and Bartholomew.
Herodias, who was married to Herod for reasons of status and lineage, pesters him now that he has no more status among the Herodian lineage. He grants her a divorce, so she marries Philip instead, who still has great status and is Herod's brother anyway. Herodias is known very much for her ambition.
Nikos Kokkinos argues that the dancing Salome of the John the Baptist tale was not Herodias's daughter Salome with Herod II, but rather Antipas's daughter Herodias II Salome via his first wife. The age and timing support this. Thus, this is the "Salome" marrying Herodians.
This means that Herod II's Salome, by age, is a better fit with Mary Salome - wife of Zebedee. She then is the mother of John and James.
Jude is a composite, but Thomas as Judas Thomas is Jude as Thaddeus. That is, Thomas is Addai. Addai is Aramaic and means the same as Greek Thaddeus, which is large chested. Thaddeus is not connected to "Jude", though "Judas Thomas" may be an accidental layering of Jude onto Thaddeus. Thomas is Addai.
The Doctrine of Addai is an apocryphal text about King Abgar of Edessa writing a letter to Jesus. Scholarly intepretation says this is apocryphal and actually about the c200 AD king of Edessa called Abgar the Great, who unambiguously converted to Christianity. However, elements of the text get important historical details about the time of Tiberius correct, suggesting it may have come from an earlier text or story from that time. I believe the story originated as a historical event with Abgar the White.
In the tale, he writes Jesus to seek healing for a wound, hearing Jesus can do this. Jesus sends his disciple Addai (Thaddeus) his reply.
I identify this as Monobazus II sending his uncle, who is Jesus's great-uncle, the reply in person.
Monobazus II ruled in Adiabene for 20 years 45-65AD. 65AD is the date of Thaddeus's martyrdom in Phoenecia. Monobazus was an important king. He helped mediate the Armenian peace between Rome and Parthia directly, which saw the king Tiridates (a different one) go to Rome to bow to Nero and be crowned by him. Addai is prominent in the hagiography of Edessan and Armenian Christianity, and we see Monobazus II is present in both places in a historically noteworthy way.
Parthia's border was India, and they had frequent relations. If "Addai" was a king of that prominence in Parthia, he would have been received in India with resplendent honors. There is practically no reasonable person other than Monobazus II with such an uncontroversial link to both the Holy Land and a potential to safely and notably travel to India.
Thaddeus's wedding is said to be that which takes place at Cana.
Thomas is called Didymus because he and Jesus were like twins.
Monobazus II would be Jesus's half-brother, born almost certainly within a year after him. It certainly explains Thomas well.
The three Marys are: Mary Clopas, who is the mother of Jesus. Mary Salome, who is Mary Clopas's grandaughter, and Mary Magdelene Boethus, Mary Clopas's niece.
In 33 AD, Philip and Herod II disappear from the record. And, we suppose Jesus dies.
Nikos Kokkinos believes that Herodias divorced no one to marry Antipas. That really the crime was that her ambition demanded that Antipas divorce his wife in order to marry her. He wanted to marry her only because, as Philip's widow, she possessed his lands. The only problem was Aretas, Antipas's father-in-law would not be happy about this (cool thing, this same Aretas, his tomb is that cool building at Petra that is used as the temple of the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones).
This starts a war. The war almost escalates, but Tiberius dies, an unclear resolution happens, and then when Claudius takes power after Caligula, Herod Agrippa is given everything.
This same timing of Tiberius's death coincides with a mention of Pilate being recalled for reprimand after he massacred "Samaritans" relating to a Samaritan prophet who is sometimes identified as ben Pantera.
I assume Josephus is being misleading, or we have another panicked interpolator.
The Samaritans are "Itureans" and "Gerizzim" is "Mount Hermon". This prophet is not a Christ, but a "new Moses". Jesus ben Pantera.
The Toledot Yeshu claims Pantera was nailed to post outside a synagogue in Tiberias, and this is where the vinegar spongue incident occured. He is tortured here, not killed. He later dies in mythological sounding end.
My theory is that the "Helene and Yannai" who execute Pantera are actually Antipas and Herodias. It's not John's head, but Jesus's on the platter.
Toledot makes Shimeon ben Shettach - Pharisee of Alexander Janneus's time - as an antagonist of Jesus ben Pantera.
I believe this is what's going on. John the Baptist's father was said to be 92 when John was born. The same story is applied to Joseph. This also relates to the story of Elizabeth/"Hannah" (although I've noted a possible 45 years old late pregnancy for Mariamne, but it's not Jesus or John, but Izates II).
Again, I think there's just one story here, one single point. When Janneus took power, he booted the Pharisees from office. I think this is symbolically important in the mythologized history of the sicarii zealots who follow Judas of Galilee. This was in 103 BC. So, I think this is a year zero for the Hasmonean sicarii. 92 years later is 11 BC which is an appropriate time for John the Baptist to be born.
So, I suspect that something sinister happened. Maybe Jesus started as a disciple of John, and his movement shared in the general Enochian theology of John's. However, Jesus moved away from the radical eschatology towards a new direction.
I think Jesus, as a "new Moses" is more of a Joseph Smith or Mohammad, than a Christ.
He goes up to Mt. Hermon, the new Sinai, and discovered lost books of Moses.
I have no position on this, but maybe the Jesus movement killed John the Baptist who himself may have threatened violence. Recall Philip and Herod II Bartholomew are disciples. Philip may have been essential in killing John the Baptist. But that would be very problematic for the entire narrative of both Christianity and the lead up to the Jewish revolt.
The Sicarii then go on an assasination spree, Pilate intervenes, Herodias uses the chance for her own ambition and Antipas also seizes the chance, but this provokes Aretas to action.
Jesus is imprisoned after his nailing to a post in Tiberias in Antipas's dungeon. His head is the one on the platter.
Rather ignominius all the way around.
After this point in time, Helena seems to have engaged in her Nazarite devotion. In the 40s she donates lavishly to the temple. Maybe an attempt at redemption for the "troubles" of 33 that everyone wants to forget.


The vizier of Adiabene was Ananus. The Boethusians, Edessans, Ananians, Herodians (by Agrippa's time) and the Alexandrian Jews are highly intertwined at this time. They oppose the zealots.
Judas of Galilee dies, probably, in 19 AD. 40 symbolically meaningful years later, a kin or descendent, James the Just starts his takeover bid of Jerusalem (Mt. Olives revolt). This is 59AD.
James is killed by Ananus ben Ananus. Ananus senior was an advocate for circumcision not being required or essential to Judaism. Which sounds insanely radical, but we don't quite know what the teachings of the "new Moses" actually were exactly. Most likely Enochian and Pauline.
Paul's letters take the Jesus who is a "new Moses" and makes him into, posthumously, a Christ. This is undermining the zealot messianic movement.
We get the Jewish revolt, etc.

All I will add is that the Enochian theology seems to me to be particularly Iturean/Syrian/Assyrian in nature. As if the Itureans had an ancient Assyrian astro-theological religion. That Sumerian influence ruined it by introducing new gods (this is the watchers breeding with the daughters of men, the daughters of men being the gods of the original religion). And now Enochian theology seeks to correct it. The emphasis on Mt. Hermon screams an Iturean origin, where distant Sumer is the problem. And, with the pyroclastic flow covering Trachonitis, and its timing with the century of Assyria's first kings, I wonder if the story of Eden and the origin of Assyrian presence in Babylon begin with an Iturean people.
So, as if Judaism originated as this, and nobody told the Itureans about the couple of centuries of innovation that the rulers of Jerusalem had undergone.
The Hermonite new Moses idea being seeped in the folk religion of the Itureans, over whom Ptolemy Menneus was king.

Well, hope this means something to someone, or not. But, I have to move on for now.
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2020.12.04 10:19 Playful_Ad_9899 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

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2020.12.04 10:11 Nice_Ad9709 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

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2020.12.04 10:08 Ms_elleee F/39 & single need advice.

I’m posting on this reddit because I am truly desperate and am in need of Christian advice about my singleness.
Now to give a backstory I was an unbeliever and when I was 21 I gave my life to the Lord I was in a bit of a toxic relationship although I probably didn’t realize it then and decided that I would remain abstinent (according to God‘s word) until I was married that was when I was 21 I’m 39 now. It’s been almost 18 years celibate this month 😩😢
I have had very few relationships none successful in anyway whatsoever the last one was with an unbeliever it was very toxic and for a variety of reasons I did put up with it mainly because I was tired of being alone and feel like I couldn’t do any better. ( I did manage to have some shred of decency and not have sex with him but that was also mainly because he was a jerk)
My issue is this I am overweight.?😢 I’m a bit of a late bloomer and I didn’t truly realize how important looks are to men I mean I’m clean and for the most part I am presentable but I have been called a plain Jane. Back to the weight issue so I manage to stop over eating and I have lost 30 pounds but unfortunately it’s been a very slow process and even with 30 pounds lost I don’t really look much different.
I’m feeling really hopeless I’m trying my best to change my weight in hopes that that might give me a better chance at finding a mate ( and to be healthy for myself) and honestly I don’t feel praying would help because God won’t make a man be attracted to me men are men and they want someone that’s “hot” I guess and I’m not that I’m trying to change but I also want to honor God in the way that I dress which is modestly.
I’m On the verge of giving up but at the same time I still want to hope that there is someone out there for me. Does my situation sound hopeless? Is there anything else I can do and I really don’t want to have weight loss surgery I’d really like to do it on my own but like I said it’s really slow.
Sorry for the long rant if you happen to read all of this and reply I thank you in advance
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2020.12.04 09:44 BabyYoda69 Free will does not exist with the idea of a God.

First off, people pray to God. People say may “God bless you.” Hoping that God will answer them and change their situation, that already takes the idea of free will away. With the idea of praying, God can intervene whenever he wants to. If that’s not the case, why are you praying?
  1. If God is all powerful and omniscient, free will does not exist. Since before the universe was created, God knew every single thing that is going to happen in the universe. He basically signed a contract before saying “okay, ima let this all happen and watch from the sky.” Our fate is pre determined in the idea of a God, therefore free will does not exist. Basically, this reality is programmed. By definition a God is all powerful, so a God lives in all time zones at once. He is not bound by time, he lives in the past, present and future. But hold on, the Christian God is not all powerful. He is not God. In genesis, when God created the universe it took him 6 days to create it. He created a 7th as a day of rest for his labour, therefore, the Christian God is bound by time. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need rest, he wouldn’t need 6 days to create the universe. He could instantly create it. Therefore, God has limits, therefore the Bible lies. The Bible is the “Holy Book” “Word of God”. God is a liar. He is not all powerful, yet God is all knowing. Still taking the part of free will away. The Christian God is not God.
  2. Now lets say for a second that God doesn’t know the outcomes of our future, he also isn’t all knowing. Why could he not just make his appearance on Earth, and proclaim himself. Literally proving to you his existence. But not forcing you to follow him, giving you a choice, giving you the free will. But back to the fact, God is all knowing. Free will doesn’t exist. He programmed this universe and there’s no way around it. God knew before the universe began that I would make this post. Before he created the universe, he damned people to hell before they were even born. He decided for people that they would be born into poverty, a stable family, or wealth. He decided for us that we should be born. He has sealed all of our fates, he has chosen for us. It seems to be that God has favorites. God is evil.
  3. Lastly, it is constantly mentioned by Christians to not let Satan tempt you. “Do not let him make decisions for you.” Saying that people are turned by Satan, and that is why they make evil decisions. Then again, free will does not exist. Satan is affecting the outcomes of people, and so is God.
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2020.12.04 09:24 etherealaqua Is it sinful/sacrilegious(?) to get Confirmed if I am a Christian but unsure whether I am a Catholic?

Essentially what the title asks, but to clarify:
My sibling is starting the process of both Communion and Confirmation classes (over Zoom!) now. As a family, we have honestly never gone to Church/mass and my mother is an atheist but I guess my father is loosely Catholic (?) so that’s how this has been set up.
I did my Communion as a child and now as an adult have the opportunity to get Confirmed. However, as the title says, I am not wholly sure I am Catholic—at least not in the way I’ve seen “Catholic” defined in that you must agree with every single little teaching/instruction of the Catholic Church. The Church is run by humans, and we are deeply flawed and sinful—why wouldn’t the institution be flawed as well? Why do we believe every single teaching is perfect when nothing is perfect but God Himself?
Anyway I’m getting sidetracked! That is not my main question. My main question is whether I should take these classes and then get Confirmed?
I know I am Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came and died for our sins so that we may have eternal life. I like the Catholic practice of praying to Saints / those in heaven to pray for us and don’t see anything in Scripture against that.
I simply feel I haven’t done enough research/discernment to know with certainty whether to call myself “a Catholic” or not. I am genuinely open to it; but I am equally as open to being, say, Episcopalian.
I wouldn’t be getting confirmed with the intent of “tricking” God or the Church or anything malicious like that, but I’m afraid that getting Confirmed without knowing I will call myself strictly “a Catholic” my entire life is doing that?
So, TL;DR: Is it sinful / sacrilegious / just generally inadvisable to get Confirmed if I am not 100% sure that I agree with every single thing the Catholic Church says? Or if I have some major disagreements with what I see many Catholics on this sub saying (ie, a Catholic MUST NOT vote Democrat because they are for legalizing abortion)?
Can I still be Catholic if I agree with what seems to be, in my opinion, the most important parts: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s goodness and grace, the value of life, the forgiveness of sin, faith and good works, loving God and loving your neighbor, etc?
I probably won’t be able to look at the replies for a bit but to anyone who takes my questions seriously, thank you very, very much.
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2020.12.04 06:19 maangohat Advent book for atheists

My husband and I enjoy the tradition of Christian advent, but we are atheist. I’ve been searching for a secular advent book, something with a nightly fable or short story to read with our son. I haven’t found a single one.
Has anyone found such a book or found a way to adapt this tradition into secular one?
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2020.12.04 06:06 SassySeaCow An Atheist's Conversion to Christ

I was browsing the atheism subreddit and couldn't help but notice some of the many comments speaking about how people's experience of once being Christian and eventually losing all faith and becoming atheists, so to balance the scales a little I'd like to give an explain as to how I have gone from being a staunch anti-religious atheist to converting to Christianity.
I had attended Church and youth group throughout my teen years but I had many unanswered questions about the faith that the believers around me couldn't give any substantial answers for, I wanted tangible evidence to help rid of my doubts but what I was met with was being told to lean into and trust God, or to pray, or certain Biblical verses were cited as a reference to help reinforce my faith. Now, I think these things are wonderful, but it's only helpful if the recipient already believes in the reliability of Christianity's doctrine. I wanted to know why I should put my trust into these things in the first place , and I was unfortunately met with circular reasoning.
These unanswered doubts festered and grew throughout my teen years until I found those online who were very critical of Christianity and its claims. People like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, Lawrence Krauss, etc. So I ended up finding the trifecta of disarming people of faith, 1.) Crippling doubts, 2.) The believers I knew couldn't make a strong case for Christianity, and 3.) Atheists I did see made what I perceived to be a strong case against Christianity. At age 20 (2017), I realized that I hadn't just been doubting Christianity for years, I never actually believed it in the first place and consequently, I officially became an atheist.
Let's fast forward two years (2019). To my dismay, I never felt liberated from the shackles of religion, no intellectual enlightenment came, no newfound appreciation for the finite nature of my life. Nope, nothing. I didn't experience a single benefit from atheism. Let me tell you what atheism did give me: Existential dread, the collapse of any objective value in anything, and a severe case of arrogance where the atheists were the enlightened geniuses and the religious were either too dumb, too uneducated, or too scared to break free from religion. During one particularly humbling flare up of depression, I had the realization that I had dedicated a great deal of thought to why I shouldn't believe in God, but I had spent no effort trying to find reasons why I should believe in God.
This was a big turning point for me. I was an atheist after all, I was supposed to be the intelligent and unbiased one. But more importantly, the possibility of God existing excited me and lit a fire in me that I didn't know I had. I became obsessed and went on an absolute warpath of learning about religion. I work the grave shift with little to do, so I spent the majority of the time each shift reading and watching videos to learn about various faiths. Same goes for my free time, even when I slept I would dream about the things I was learning. I dove deeply into philosophy, science, and history which was giving me the answers I had been desperately wanting for years. This process also quickly narrowed the most reasonable choices of religion down to the three Abrahamic faiths.
It was game over from there, as everything at this point was a matter of history. The events around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus are unlike the claims of any other religion in regards to historical accuracy. I was able to learn about and reconcile things such as textual corruption of the New Testament, the reliability of the synoptic gospels as independent historical documents rather than them being made up myths, and much more (This post is already much longer than I intended, so I won't go into it.) But all the studying I did and continue to do allows me to have complete confidence in Christianity, so I officially converted on January 12 of this year and now I'm in school for philosophy and theology. It seems somewhat rare for an atheist to turn to Christ but it can and does happen. Some people would genuinely like to have a relationship with God if they were given good reasons to believe in him, and there are others who aren't interested in having their mind changed at all, but please do be patient because you never truly know who might turn that corner.
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2020.12.04 05:29 dolphinsfans Tired of living a lie

Just to start. I can’t use socials like I want because I have lots of old Christian pastors, and tons of family friends on my accounts still. This is kinda big because socials is where so many people live right now because of the current climate we are still dealing with. Basic background on me, I’m a 24 year old male. I currently live with my parents because they disagree with me moving out until I finish all my school. I quit for a few years and now am finishing in May.
I have lived so much and have changed, I think for the better. My life is great other than what I’m addressing here, but I can’t talk about it or live it. I can’t express myself. I can’t even share the content I’m passionate about because again fear of backlash and judgement. I understand some will say just “fuck em” and do what you want but it’s tough because I will still get heat and probably lose their financial support which I currently depend on.
If I start doing what I want on my socials, or even my life, my family will be “embarrassed at my actions” and worse off I have a sister who is perfect at everything and judges me constantly about the stupidest things. For an example, I can’t even drink in the house. I can’t drink alcohol at 24 in my house lmao. Just “imagine” if I start actually posting and doing what I want the backlash I would face. I currently live with my parent too like I previously stated, so I can’t ignore them and start being myself online or in person. Also anything other than a steady cooperate job, and low risk opportunities my dad hates. I also absolutely hate the job I have worked out for years because of him. I have so much opportunities to change that up but every single time he tells me no because it’s not a reliable job. My job does pay well sure and is honestly easy but I fucking hate it. I always default to his way of thinking because of his success but shit like dude let me live my fucking life. If I fail, so what. It’s on me, ya know. I think many who grew up like me kinda know what I’m talking. Sure i grew up middle class privileged, but now as a full grown adult any opportunities I get, I can’t even pursue without major backlash from family because it’s not what the “American” ideal is, ya know.
I’m stuck between a rock and weird place, literally and figuratively. I can’t hold down a steady relationship and just hook up because of this. Which really isn’t that good, mentally. Like any girl I even think about getting serious or want to pursue, I have to deal with the fucking backlash from my sister, who is super single btw, and my mom.
Idk what to do. My parents help me out financially speaking a ton so I feel like if I start burning bridges, my standard of living will be absolutely fucked.
Maybe I’m posting to the wrong board, but man does this feel good to get out. Excuse the venting. I really needed it though. Advice more than welcome!
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2020.12.04 05:14 dolphinsfans I’m tired of feeling like I have to live a certain way because of my upbringing.

Just to start. I can’t use socials like I want because I have lots of old Christian pastors, and tons of family friends on my accounts still. This is kinda big because socials is where so many people live right now because of the current climate we are still dealing with. Basic background on me, I’m a 24 year old male. I currently live with my parents because they disagree with me moving out until I finish all my school. I quit for a few years and now am finishing in May.
I have lived so much and have changed, I think for the better. My life is great other than what I’m addressing here, but I can’t talk about it or live it. I can’t express myself. I can’t even share the content I’m passionate about because again fear of backlash and judgement. I understand some will say just “fuck em” and do what you want but it’s tough because I will still get heat and probably lose their financial support which I currently depend on.
If I start doing what I want on my socials, or even my life, my family will be “embarrassed at my actions” and worse off I have a sister who is perfect at everything and judges me constantly about the stupidest things. For an example, I can’t even drink in the house. I can’t drink alcohol at 24 in my house lmao. Just “imagine” if I start actually posting and doing what I want the backlash I would face. I currently live with my parent too like I previously stated, so I can’t ignore them and start being myself online or in person. Also anything other than a steady cooperate job, and low risk opportunities my dad hates. I also absolutely hate the job I have worked out for years because of him. I have so much opportunities to change that up but every single time he tells me no because it’s not a reliable job. My job does pay well sure and is honestly easy but I fucking hate it. I always default to his way of thinking because of his success but shit like dude let me live my fucking life. If I fail, so what. It’s on me, ya know. I think many who grew up like me kinda know what I’m talking. Sure i grew up middle class privileged, but now as a full grown adult any opportunities I get, I can’t even pursue without major backlash from family because it’s not what the “American” ideal is, ya know.
I’m stuck between a rock and weird place, literally and figuratively. I can’t hold down a steady relationship and just hook up because of this. Which really isn’t that good, mentally. Like any girl I even think about getting serious or want to pursue, I have to deal with the fucking backlash from my sister, who is super single btw, and my mom.
Idk what to do. My parents help me out financially speaking a ton so I feel like if I start burning bridges, my standard of living will be absolutely fucked.
Maybe I’m posting to the wrong board, but man does this feel good to get out. Excuse the venting. I really needed it though. Advice more than welcome!
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2020.12.04 03:20 ReverseZebra02 I’m doubting my faith and God (18 male)

I guess this is a rant or vent bit I don’t care. But lately I’ve started becoming distant from my faith. It’s hard to explain because I’ve been in church for years but with college and seeing the world for myself beyond my home town. The idea of a God and heaven and hell seems so, amusing. Sometimes I think, I’ve really let this book determine how I live my life. And I’m so frustrated. Some of the “rules” God gives us in the Bible are so against human psychology and even biology. Like wanting sex before marriage, doing stupid things at a young age, etc. Thats part of being HUMAN. And reading the Bible is sooo confusing. Why is the Bible like a riddle. I’ve grown up reading it and I still don’t understand it. So many people have different interpretations and doctrines of one verse in the Bible and that applies to several. And Christians litterally argue over it. Even God doesn’t give me peace, all it does it confuses me more. Maybe there’s something about it that one guy in control doesn’t sound right to me. It’s almost not fair. And most of the stories in the Bible make no sense at all. None especially the first one. Ur telling me all the problems in the world are caused be 2 people? Two. I have believed all my life this is true but the more I mature it becomes laughable. And it even if it is true. If God really did evict us from paradise because of 2 people’s mistakes is PETTY. But yet this is the God who loves us. This is the God who loves us yet, if we don’t believe, he will TORTURE US FOR ETERNITY. And some people just can’t believe, again it’s human psychology. And then I’m supposed to have faith with little or no evidence. Right now I am half in half out. If someone put a gun to my head rn and told me to deny Christ I wouldn’t. Because there’s one verse that keeps me from saying all of this is BS. It’s Mathew 24 when Jesus says Jerusalem and the temple will be destroyed in which it was and has historical proof it did. That’s the one thing of someone wants to know. But even still. Even the idea of heaven doesn’t seem all that great. How can I enjoy the highs of life all the time. That’s part of LIFE. We love the highs of life because we know the lows. Life is precious because it ends. Things like that. Another thing that annoys me about my faith is, how in the hell can God have made us. That makes no sense. We can’t be created by one person. We are made through genetics. Biology, not from a diety crafting us, and so far I can’t a single Bible verse that says we are build from Gods hands. I’m sorry this post is long but I guess I needed to get it out. There are many things about Christianity that I question as well.
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2020.12.04 01:54 LochNessMansterLives ISO: a companion.

This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. I think it’s a real turning point for me. I finally have a direction, some focus and a chance to make a name for myself. Let me start at the beginning.
I had been single for so long I forgot what it was like to touch another person.
I had wanted to go hiking in the mountains near my home for so long but have always heard you should never hike alone.
I didn’t know where to look so I started asking people online. Someone sent me a link to a companion website. One where you could pay someone to cuddle with you. Some even had pricing to go on a 1 day mountain hike!
It was going to be my birthday present to myself. I went searching and found the perfect woman to go hiking with. She was pretty, but not so pretty she was fake. She wasn’t a Christian but I never went to church anymore so who cares right?
So I placed my order but found you have to talk to them first. Probably cancels out the creeps and pervs so of course I was ok with it. I had no notion of anything other than a high five, a days worth of hiking and maybe a hug at the end. Did I mention just how lonely I was?
Anyway, the day came and she actually showed up. Her name was Mindy, and when I opened the door and she was it was me she gave me a hug! No lie, it felt amazing. She came in and we talked for a bit. It was the first time I had someone in my home other than a delivery driver since my parents died. That’s when all this started.
We took my car and I had the inside cleaned and ready for a passenger. I told her about all the things I wanted to show her on the mountain. Things I had heard were great, but had never seen. She seemed excited and had been in these mountains before but hadn’t heard of most of those places.
It was only a 30 min drive to the entrance of the park. A few more miles in and we parked and started planning which direction we would go. I’ll spare you the boring details of what we saw. Nothing compared to how the night ended.
At sunset, we were at the peak of a lower mountain, near the edge. The sun was going down. She thanked me for a great day and I thanked her as well. She leaned in for a hug and I thought “this is the greatest thing ever!” And I leaned in...and head butted her. She staggered backwards and tripped over the guard rail.
She stood up and I offered a hand and apologized. She got mad and asked why I was so awkward. I tried to apologize again but she slapped my hand away. She was about to open her mouth to say something and I looked around, saw it was clear and went in for a kiss before she could say anything.
She pulled back, slapped me in the face and I grabbed her wrist. I pulled her close and said “thank you again for the wonderful hike.” And pushed her off the edge of the mountain.
I got back in my car and came home. I walked in the house and was pretty sure I’d been in shock the whole time. I sat down at my computer and logged into the companion site. I sent them an email about how this girl never showed up for our meeting and I was tired of waiting and canceled the appointment.
The rush of excitement washed over me and I realized that I just had the most perfect date ever.
I just wanted to let you know, as my therapist, that I’m all better now and I’ve finally overcome my shyness and found a purpose and something to focus on. I won’t need your services any longer. I’m all cured!
Wish me luck! I have another date tomorrow morning.
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2020.12.04 01:52 RichHomieNosh Top 25 Players Under 25

Twenty-six years and 10 months. That is the average age of all NFL players currently under contract. A whopping 82.4% of those players have yet to turn 30, and 33.6% are under the age of 25.
In this ranking, we're going to focus on that latter group to identify the future -- and, in some cases, current -- faces of the league.
The NFL has become a young man's game, so this was a very hard list to cut down, but these are the league's 25 best players under the age of 25. Note that rookies were excluded since they have such a small sample of work in the NFL, though some of the top candidates for next year's list are noted at the bottom.
To qualify for the list, the player must not have turned 25 before Dec. 3. All stats are through Week 12 with the exception of those pertaining to the Steelers and Ravens. Asterisks (*) denote that the player has a fifth-year team option in his contract.

1. Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

Turns 25: Aug. 7, 2022 Signed through: 2022*
Choosing a player to lead this list was not an easy task, since nearly every candidate still has something to prove at the NFL level. And while that is, of course, the case for Murray, the 2019 first overall pick has been an absolute game-changer during his second NFL season. Arizona made the somewhat controversial decision to trade away 2018 first-round pick Josh Rosen last offseason, which set the table for its selection of Murray with the first pick of the 2019 draft. Murray has proved it was the right decision, winning the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year award before making the leap to superstardom in 2020.
Murray ranks no lower than 13th in completions, passing yards and pass TDs, and also leads all quarterbacks with 650 yards and 10 scores on the ground. Murray is the top-scoring player in fantasy football and has turned the 6-5 Cardinals into a contender (an impressive feat in a tough NFC West). The do-it-all 23-year-old is the league's best player under age 25.

2. Myles Garrett, EDGE, Cleveland Browns

Turns 25: Dec. 29, 2020 Signed through: 2026
Garrett has more than lived up to expectations since being selected with the first pick of the 2017 draft. The dominant edge rusher ranks fifth in the NFL in sacks (40.0), seventh in pass rush wins (215) and 11th in hurries (83) since he entered the league. His 25.5% pass rush win rate trails only that of Robert Quinn, Joey Bosa and Aaron Donald among defenders with at least 500 pass rush attempts during the span.
The 6-foot-4, 272-pound Garrett doesn't get many plays off, playing 81% of the defensive snaps when active in 2019 and 80% so far in 2020. Garrett, a second-team All-Pro in 2018, was well on his way to another appearance on the squad before a suspension-shortened 2019 and is on the Defensive Player of the Year short list this season. Garrett is quite possibly the league's best edge rusher and Cleveland knows it, having signed its defensive anchor to a five-year, $125 million extension in July.

3. Quenton Nelson, LG, Indianapolis Colts

Turns 25: March 19, 2021 Signed through: 2021*
Guards aren't usually considered a high-priority position for teams during draft season, but the Colts felt Nelson was too good to pass on with the sixth pick of the 2018 draft. They were right. Nelson was the team's starting left guard from day one and hasn't looked back, playing nearly every offensive snap since he joined the team. Pro Football Focus graded Nelson as the league's fifth-best guard in 2018, second-best in 2019 and seventh-best so far in 2020.
After ranking 30th in the league in pass block win rate as a rookie (including all positions, not just guards), Nelson jumped to 15th in 2019 and is all the way up to sixth in 2020. Nelson was a Pro Bowler and first-team All-Pro during each of his first two NFL seasons, and he's a near lock to make it a trifecta during his age-24 campaign.

4. DK Metcalf, WR, Seattle Seahawks

Turns 25: Dec. 14, 2022 Signed through: 2022
"Limited route tree." "Too many injuries." "Awful 3-cone and short-shuttle performances." "Not a complete player." These are among the excuses for why teams allowed DeKaylin Zecharius Metcalf -- a 6-foot-4, 228-pound superhuman with 4.33 wheels and elite strength -- to plummet to the 64th pick of the 2019 draft. Despite having yet to turn 23 years old, Metcalf has already made his doubters pay. Since entering the league, Metcalf ranks fourth in the NFL in touchdown receptions (16) and 10th in receiving yardage (1,939). Metcalf was good as a rookie, but he has made the leap to "great" in 2020.
He leads the NFL in receiving yards (1,039) and sits no lower than fifth among wide receivers in touchdown receptions (nine), yards per reception (17.9) and yards per target (11.4). Metcalf is already one of the most intimidating players in the entire league -- let alone among those under age 25 -- and the crazy thing is that he'll still qualify for the 2022 version of this list. Don't be surprised if he's at the top.

5. Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

Turns 25: Jan. 7, 2022 Signed through: 2021*
Listing the reigning NFL MVP any lower than first might seem like blasphemy at first glance, but remember that this is an evaluation of how these players are currently performing. Jackson has, of course, taken a step back from a dominant 2019 campaign in which he scored 43 touchdowns and set the single-season records in carries (176) and rushing yardage (1,206) by a quarterback. In his first season as a starter, Jackson led the NFL in passing touchdowns and was a first-team All-Pro.
Though his numbers are down this season, Jackson is still a difference-maker and has the Ravens in the playoff race at 6-4. The 2016 Heisman Trophy winner remains one of the league's best and most versatile weapons, having racked up 1,948 yards through the air, 575 yards on the ground (second most among QBs) and 18 total touchdowns. Since Jackson is only 23 years old, it's possible we've yet to see him at his best.

6. Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills

Turns 25: May 21, 2021 Signed through: 2021*
During the 2018 pre-draft process, there was no way I thought I'd ever be listing Allen as one of the league's best players. I thought wrong. Allen struggled badly with accuracy and decision-making early in his career, but offset that in a big way with his athleticism and rushing ability. After posting the league's worst completion rate (53%) and highest off-target rate (23%) as a rookie, Allen improved his game a bit in his second pro campaign before taking a giant leap forward with a better supporting cast and in a pass-heavy offense here in 2020.
Allen has completed 69% of his passes (seventh-highest rate in the league), is averaging 7.9 yards per attempt (10th best) and sits no lower than 10th among passers in completions, passing yardage, touchdowns, carries and rushing yardage. Allen finished 24th in QBR in each of his first two NFL seasons, but is up to sixth in 2020. With Allen's Bills sitting atop the AFC East at 8-3, the third-year quarterback is a strong finish away from serious league MVP consideration.

7. Marcus Williams, S, New Orleans Saints

Turns 25: Sept. 8, 2021 Signed through: 2020
It's pretty incredible that Williams has yet to turn 25 years old considering that he has been one of the league's top safeties since he was selected with the 42nd overall pick of the 2017 draft. Since joining the Saints, Williams ranks third among NFL safeties in interceptions (13), 10th in passes defensed (28) and 28th in tackles (222). As reliable as they come, Williams has played 87% of the Saints' defensive snaps since he entered the league.
The Utah product became a household name for the wrong reasons as a rookie (he was on the wrong side of the Minneapolis Miracle), but that doesn't come close to overshadowing all of the positives he has brought to the New Orleans defense. Williams is a pending free agent and figures to become one of the league's highest-paid safeties this offseason.

8. Budda Baker, S, Arizona Cardinals

Turns 25: Jan. 10, 2021 Signed through: 2024
Baker has emerged as one of the league's best and most versatile defensive backs since being drafted 36th overall back in 2017. Baker was a first-team All-Pro as a rookie and is well on his way to his third Pro Bowl appearance in four seasons. After spending time as Arizona's primary slot corner earlier in his career, Baker has settled in as a full-time safety. It's worked out pretty well, as he easily leads all defensive backs with 229 tackles since the start of 2019.
He also ranks second in tackles for loss (15.5) and third in pass-rush wins (15) while adding 2.5 sacks, a pair of forced fumbles and a pair of INTs during the span. Baker became the league's highest-paid safety when Arizona signed him to a four-year, $59 million extension in August.

9. Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Pittsburgh Steelers

Turns 25: Nov. 17, 2021 Signed through: 2021*
The 11th overall pick of the 2018 draft, Fitzpatrick got off to a very slow start as he bounced around between safety and corner while with Miami. A trade to Pittsburgh early on in the 2019 season changed everything. The Alabama product immediately stepped in as an every-down safety and helped the Steelers to nothing short of an elite defensive season. Fitzpatrick has been on the field for all but 12 of Pittsburgh's defensive snaps since he joined the team (nine of those were during his past two games).
Fitzpatrick's nine interceptions since the start of last season are second most in the NFL, and he also has added 115 tackles, 15 passes defensed and three forced fumbles. A first-team All-Pro and Pro Bowler in only his second professional season, the 24-year-old Fitzpatrick is already one of the game's best safeties.

10. Jaire Alexander, CB, Green Bay Packers

Turns 25: Feb. 9, 2022 Signed through: 2021*
Is Alexander currently the league's best cornerback? If he's not, he's at least in the conversation. The 18th overall pick back in 2018, Alexander flashed as a rookie before taking a leap forward while playing 97% of Green Bay's defensive snaps last season. Alexander racked up 58 tackles, 17 passes defensed (fourth most in the NFL), a pair of INTs and even chipped in with 2.5 tackles for loss.
Alexander has missed some game action because of injury this season, but he has been elite when active. In fact, his 80.6 PFF grade is fourth best among all corners. That's despite some tough assignments, including shadow coverage against Adam Thielen (6-110-2 receiving line in the game), Calvin Ridley (0-0-0), Mike Evans (1-10-0), Will Fuller (3-35-1) and Justin Jefferson (3-26-0). Alexander is already one of the game's best corners and the 23-year-old's best days are likely still ahead of him.

11. Marlon Humphrey, CB, Baltimore Ravens

Turns 25: July 8, 2021 Signed through: 2026
Humphrey has done it all since being selected with the 16th pick of the 2017 draft. He has operated as a perimeter corner, has shadowed superstar wide receivers and, most recently, has handled primary slot duties for a terrific Baltimore defense. The accolades have followed, as Humphrey made the Pro Bowl and was a first-team All-Pro last season. Earlier this season, he was rewarded with a five-year, $97 million contract extension.
The Alabama product ranks first among corners in forced fumbles (seven), fifth in tackles for loss (11.5), 25th in passes defensed (34) and 25th in INTs (six) since being drafted. The 24-year-old is one of the game's top corners and almost certainly the league's best slot corner.

12. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

Turns 25: June 7, 2021 Signed through: 2025
McCaffrey has suffered through an injury-plagued 2020 season, but that does not overshadow a 2019 performance that was surely one of the best ever by a running back. That 2019 season included an astounding 405 touches, 2,392 scrimmage yards and 19 touchdowns, as well as 156 more fantasy points than any other running back. McCaffrey has been an All-Pro each of the past two seasons (first team in 2019) and landed a four-year, $64 million contract extension back in April.
Though he has been limited to three games in 2020, McCaffrey has been his usual dominant self when healthy, racking up 374 yards and six touchdowns on 66 touches. McCaffrey is one of three players in league history with at least 1,000 rushing and receiving yards in the same season and is unquestionably one of the league's most productive offensive weapons.

13. Fred Warner, LB, San Francisco 49ers

Turns 25: Nov. 19, 2021 Signed through: 2021
Many were shocked when the 49ers gave up on pricey 2019 free-agent acquisition Kwon Alexander earlier this offseason, but Warner's emergence as one of the league's best linebackers made the move much easier to stomach. A third-round pick back in 2018, Warner stepped into an every-down role in his first NFL game and hasn't looked back. He has played 97% of the 49ers' defensive snaps since his debut, and has been on the field for nearly 800 more plays than any of his teammates. How's that for reliable?
Warner, of course, has also been very effective, as his 326 tackles rank 10th in the entire NFL since he was drafted. He also has 3.0 sacks, four forced fumbles, 18 passes defensed and three interceptions during the span. The 24-year-old has emerged as the anchor of one of the league's top defenses.

14. Jeffery Simmons, DT, Tennessee Titans

Turns 25: July 28, 2022 Signed through: 2022*
Simmons' ascension to the ranks of the league's best defenders is hardly a surprise, considering that he was widely regarded as one of the best prospects in the 2019 draft class. He surely would've been drafted earlier than 19th overall had he not torn his ACL during a pre-draft training session, but that hardly matters now. The Mississippi State product flashed with a pair of sacks in a limited role as a rookie, but has bloomed into a dominant interior presence during a breakout 2020 campaign.
He has already racked up 37 tackles, 16 pass-rush wins, 10 hurries, 4.5 tackles for loss and five passes defensed. Clearly back to full health, Simmons has played a massive 82% of the defensive snaps during 10 active weeks, and PFF has graded him as the league's seventh-best interior defender and 12th-best overall defensive player.

15. Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Turns 25: Feb. 27, 2021 Signed through: 2020
Godwin continues to progress since being selected in the third round of the 2017 draft. The Penn State product was inexplicably limited to situational duties during the Dirk Koetter era, but bloomed into a superstar under Bruce Arians in 2019. Godwin had 86 receptions for 1,333 yards and nine touchdowns, and ranked no lower than fourth at wide receiver in yardage, touchdowns, catch rate (72%) and yards per target (11.1). He was a Pro Bowler and a second-team All-Pro.
Tampa Bay's slot man has battled injuries this season, but still sits 13th in the NFL in receiving yards (562) during eight active weeks. Godwin's targets are down a bit with Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski added to the fold this season, but that shouldn't overshadow the fact that the 24-year-old is one of the NFL's best wide receivers. We'll see evidence of that in the form of dollar signs when contract-year Godwin becomes one of the league's highest-paid wide receivers in the spring.

16. A.J. Brown, WR, Tennessee Titans

Turns 25: June 30, 2022 Signed through: 2022
Tennessee's run-heavy offensive scheme has made consistency a bit tricky, but Brown has looked the part of an elite No. 1 wide receiver when the ball has been thrown his way so far in his young career. The aforementioned DK Metcalf's teammate at Ole Miss, Brown actually had more receiving yardage (1,051) than Metcalf during their rookie season (both were selected in the second round). Brown used elite efficiency to get there, as he paced the NFL in both yards per target (12.5) and receiving yards after the catch (9.0).
Brown's efficiency has regressed (as expected) in 2020, but it's still very good (his 7.7 RAC paces all wide receivers) and has been replaced by a boost in volume (7.2 targets per game compared to 4.9 in 2019) and a strong touchdown rate (eight on 65 targets). It's unlikely that we've come close to seeing Brown's ceiling, as the 23-year-old still has plenty of room for growth in terms of target volume.

17. Terry McLaurin, WR, Washington Football Team

Turns 25: April 15, 2021 Signed through: 2022
"McLaurin F1" was an absolute gem of a find by Washington in the third round of the 2019 draft. The speedy Ohio State product flashed with a healthy 58-919-7 receiving line in 14 games as a rookie and was named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team. He has taken his game to another level in 2020 despite Washington's merry-go-round at quarterback. McLaurin ranks seventh among wide receivers in routes (406), seventh in targets (100), fourth in receiving yards (963) and fourth in RAC (6.4). McLaurin has played 93% of Washington's offensive snaps while handling 27% of the team targets and 44% of the air yards this season.
Despite the heavy usage and coverage by some of the league's top corners, McLaurin hasn't dropped a single pass. The 24-year-old is already one of the league's best and most consistent wide receivers.

18. Jessie Bates III, S, Cincinnati Bengals

Turns 25: Feb. 26, 2022 Signed through: 2021
Bates is far from a household name, but the 2018 second-round pick has progressively developed into one of the game's most impactful safeties. Bates beat out seasoned veteran George Iloka for a starting job as a rookie, and went on to play 99% of Cincinnati's defensive snaps in each of his first two NFL seasons. The Wake Forest product has been on the field for 99% of the Bengals' defensive snaps during a 2020 campaign in which he has made the leap to stardom. Bates has registered 75 tackles (fifth most among safeties), three INTs (third) and 13 passes defensed (easily the most).
Get to know the 23-year-old now, because there's a good shot we'll be talking about him as a first-time Pro Bowler and perhaps even an All-Pro later this season.

19. Marshon Lattimore, CB, New Orleans Saints

Turns 25: May 20, 2021 Signed through: 2021
Lattimore has emerged as one of the league's toughest shadow corners since he was selected with the 11th pick of the 2017 draft. The Ohio State product made his impact felt immediately by racking up five interceptions (fifth most in the NFL) and 18 passes defensed (sixth) en route to winning the 2017 Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Since he entered the league, Lattimore ranks ninth among cornerbacks in tackles (212), fifth in forced fumbles (five), seventh in passes defensed (48) and 11th in INTs (nine).
Despite missing five games due to injury, the two-time Pro Bowler has been on the field for 81% of the Saints' defensive snaps since he was drafted and a large chunk of those snaps were spent traveling with superstar wide receivers. That included a murderers' row of assignments against DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Mike Evans (twice), DJ Chark, Allen Robinson, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, A.J. Brown, Curtis Samuel and Adam Thielen last season, and Mike Evans (twice) and Keenan Allen so far in 2020. It doesn't get much tougher than that. His numbers might be down a bit this season, but Lattimore is one of the best in the business.

20. Frank Ragnow, C, Detroit Lions

Turns 25: May 17, 2021 Signed through: 2021*
Despite all the attention paid to the fantasy football positions, offensive linemen are people, too, and Ragnow has quietly improved into one of the best. The 2018 first-round pick out of Arkansas spent his rookie season at left guard, but has been one of the league's top centers since converting to the pivot prior to 2019. PFF graded Ragnow as the league's sixth-best center in 2019 and he sits fourth so far in 2020. He ranked 17th among centers in pass block win rate last season and is up to 10th in 2020 (everyone ahead of him is at least two years older).
The 24-year-old's first-round status will have him tied to Detroit through 2022, but his high-end play and versatility suggest it's only a matter of time until he's one of the league's top-paid centers.

21. Quinnen Williams, DT, New York Jets

Turns 25: Dec. 5, 2022 Signed through: 2022*
You might recall that Williams' name popped up on the trade rumor mill earlier this season. The Jets quickly put that speculation to bed because, well, it made no sense. The third overall pick of the 2019 draft has been a difference-maker since entering the NFL, and has taken his game to the next level this season. The Alabama product has racked up 41 tackles (which ranks third among interior defensive linemen), 5.0 sacks (sixth), 21 pass-rush wins (12th), two forced fumbles (second), 11 tackles for loss (second) and even three passes defensed (seventh).
Williams' 15.6% pass rush win rate ranks him sixth among qualified interior defensive linemen. The Jets are struggling, but 22-year-old Williams has superstar upside and is a player around whom they can build their defense.

22. Brian Burns, EDGE, Carolina Panthers

Turns 25: April 23, 2023 Signed through: 2022*
Burns has had an interesting start to his career since being selected with the 16th overall pick of the 2019 draft. Immediately inserted into a significant role, Burns racked up 4.5 sacks during his first six NFL games. His snaps were inexplicably reduced after the first month of the season, however, and he was limited to 3.0 sacks after Week 6. Carolina changed coaching staffs during the 2020 offseason and that helped launch Burns into a role that has allowed him to play 76% of the snaps this season (a hefty number for any edge rusher).
Burns has been a major force with 6.0 sacks (16th among edge rushers), 47 pass-rush wins (third), 18 hurries (fifth), 46 tackles (fourth), 8.5 tackles for loss (22nd) and three forced fumbles (second). Burns' 23.4% pass rush win rate ranks him sixth behind only T.J. Watt, Jerry Hughes, Joey Bosa, Myles Garrett and Matt Judon. How's that for good company? The 22-year-old is quietly blooming into one of the league's next superstar defenders.

23. Harold Landry III, EDGE, Tennessee Titans

Turns 25: June 5, 2021 Signed through: 2021
Landry is yet another 2018 early-round draft pick who makes our list. The Boston College product was a situational player as a rookie, but has played an absurd 90% of the Titans' defensive snaps since the start of 2019 (that's a massive number for an edge defender). Landry broke out with 9.0 sacks (23rd in the NFL) and 56 pass-rush wins (11th) in 2019, and though his sacks are down slightly in 2020 (4.5), he's still disrupting quarterbacks with 40 pass-rush wins (ninth most).
And Landry does more than just rush the passer. His 48 tackles this season are most among edge rushers, and he also ranks third behind only the Watt brothers with five passes defensed. Landry has quickly become one of the best and most reliable young edge rushers.

24. Carlton Davis, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Turns 25: Dec. 31, 2021 Signed through: 2021
It took a minute for Davis' career to get going, but the 2018 second-round pick has grown into one of the league's most effective cover corners over the past year. Davis really seemed to hit his stride when Tampa Bay converted him into a weekly shadow corner in the second half of 2019. After not shadowing at all during the first year and a half of his career, Davis allowed bare-minimum production while traveling with Julio Jones (twice), Kenny Golladay and DeAndre Hopkins after Week 11. He has picked up where he left off in 2020, showing well while shadowing Michael Thomas (twice), Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson, Davante Adams and DJ Moore.
Davis has been in coverage on a league-high 422 plays this season and has four INTs (third most among CBs), 16 passes defensed (most) and 53 tackles (sixth). If we include each of the past two seasons, Davis easily paces all cornerbacks in passes defended (35) and sits seventh in tackles (112). Davis just suffered through the worst game of his career at the hands of Tyreek Hill, but that will likely prove just a bump in the road for the rising star. There aren't many cornerbacks who consistently shadow star No. 1 perimeter receivers, but Davis is one of the few who does and he does it well.

25. Orlando Brown Jr., OT, Baltimore Ravens

Turns 25: May 2, 2021 Signed through: 2021
Anyone remember Brown's dreadful showing at the 2018 scouting combine? Brown's testing suggested he was slow, weak and lacking much agility or athleticism. What it seemed to miss, though, was that he's a really darn good football player. Brown fell to the third round of the draft, but it took the massive 6-foot-8, 345-pounder less than half a season to lock down Baltimore's right tackle job. That was the position he called home until earlier this season, when he was moved to reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson's blind side in place of injured superstar left tackle Ronnie Stanley in Week 8.
Since being drafted, Brown's 91.0% pass block win rate is 10th best among 77 qualified tackles. Brown has already beaten the odds, and he and a healthy Stanley combine to form one of the league's best tackle duos.

First man out

Erik McCoy, C, New Orleans Saints

Turns 25: Aug. 27, 2022 Signed through: 2022
McCoy has emerged as one of the league's top centers while snapping the ball to Drew Brees (and Taysom Hill) over the past year and a half. The 2019 second-round pick has handled all but eight of the Saints' center snaps since he was drafted. At a position dominated by veterans, PFF graded him as the league's fourth-best center, and he ranked 18th at the position in pass block win rate as a rookie. So far in 2010, his grade is down to 15th and he sits 22nd in pass block win rate, though note that he's the second-youngest player among the top 30 qualified centers. The Texas A&M product made the PFWA All-Rookie Team last season, and that figures to be the first of a long list of awards he'll receive in his career.

Honorable mentions

OT Braden Smith, RB Saquon Barkley, EDGE Nick Bosa, S Derwin James, RB Josh Jacobs, RB Nick Chubb, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR DJ Moore, WR DJ Chark, DT Dexter Lawrence, TE T.J. Hockenson, WR Deebo Samuel, RB Ronald Jones, RB Miles Sanders, OT Isaiah Wynn, OG Chris Lindstrom, EDGE Marcus Davenport, CB Denzel Ward, EDGE Josh Allen, EDGE Clelin Ferrell
Rookies to watch: QB Justin Herbert, QB Joe Burrow, WR Justin Jefferson, WR Tee Higgins, WR Chase Claypool, OT Tristan Wirfs, EDGE Chase Young, RB James Robinson, RB Antonio Gibson, OT Mekhi Becton, S Antoine Winfield Jr., OT Jedrick Wills Jr., OT Mike Onwenu, CB Jaylon Johnson, S Jeremy Chinn, RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, WR CeeDee Lamb, S Julian Blackmon, G Damien Lewis, WR Jerry Jeudy, RB D'Andre Swift, WR Brandon Aiyuk, CB A.J. Terrell
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2020.12.04 00:34 Maddox_Hendrick_Lake The Price of Attrition, Chapter XVI, Part I

For perhaps the first time, I was grateful to wake up next to Káralu. Not that I didn’t like him. I didn’t know what to feel about him, really. But, I hadn’t had a dream like that in a few weeks, and I still had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach after I woke up. Whatever I felt about him, I was really, really enjoying this whole homoerotic male affection thing that he and his people had going on. About a third of the time we had spent walking the day before, we had spent walking while holding hands or with our arms around each other’s shoulders, but it was also normal for guys to just cuddle up on one another. They’d come up and hug each other from behind, they’d lay their heads on each other’s shoulders, lay in each other’s laps, they would even spoon. At the same time, the additional physical affection made me feel confused, because I felt close to him in ways I had never felt with any of my other friends, despite only having known him a few weeks. Was he my friend, or… was he something else? I was certainly beginning to feel like there was more to this than just ‘friendship’. But then, had I also not been ‘more than friends’ with Matt? The thought of him seemed so distant now, somehow. That morning, I woke up with my head nestled on Káralu’s chest, holding him close as our legs intertwined. It normally would’ve felt super gay to me, especially cuz we were both naked under our thin woolen blankets. At the time however, I was a little confused as to what ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ even meant, especially after our conversation the day before. Were those real categories, or were they the products of a very specific place and time?I mean, I’d never had an even remotely sexual dream about a girl, not even once. And yet, now that I was exploring my sexuality with guys, I dreamt that I was about to get lucky with one. The boner I was sporting in the dream was real too, even if the whole thing had ended horribly.
Maybe it was because we hadn’t handled business the night before? Come to think of it, the last time we had had been out at sea. Everything had picked up so quickly after our little visit to the ‘workhouse’ that there hadn’t really been time to. See, that place was apparently a sort of temp office, as the general purpose was to connect residents who were without permanent work with temporary work. It was a hotspot for the Kṣalar of course because they didn’t live permanently anywhere, but also for the homeless, for orphans, and of course for migrants, which is what all the White folks were. Prassians and Tags I was told were from further north, but those poorer members of society would try to make it south… far to the south, to the eştradûmes. Initially, I was confused as to what that word meant, because it literally translated to ‘away-home’, and so the first thing that came to mind was a halfway house, for some reason. However, upon further explanation from Káralu I learned that these were far away colonies of the Prassian Republic. Most of the people we saw were single mothers and their children, orphans, runaways, and other kinds of delinquents that were trying to ‘make it big’ some place else.
The office itself however was not run by locals, but rather a group of people the Kṣalar referred to as the Kurimbirdir, or an Urimbirdi in the singular. Káralu explained to me the day before that the Kurimbirdir were once Kṣalar themselves, but were now very focused on integration into the Prassian Republic, hence why they didn’t dress like the Kṣalar or use Kṣalar names. More importantly, they were known to set up temp offices in various ports that the Kṣalar frequented. Apparently, while the Kṣalar considered them to be a different ethnic group entirely, the Kurimbirdir didn’t see it that way at all, and rather wanted to help those people that they perceived to be their own get a leg up so that they could one day join them in their own ‘free cities’, either within the borders of the Prassian Republic proper or away down south in the colonies. So, that especially dark guy who had said they were going to ‘have fun’ with me? His name was Dandron, and he was apparently an Urimbirdi. He wasn’t just any Urimbirdi however, but rather Nariṣanka and company’s contact in Keiltsiyuk. The other Kurimbirdir had gotten sick of the fact that Nariṣanka and the men of his clan were very overt with their lack of intent to give up their traditional lifestyle, and so generally tried to avoid staffing them.
Dandron was excited to see me because—according to him and everyone else—he would be able to place me at a number of different kinds of jobs that the Kṣalar would normally be turned away for. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was because he thought I was really handsome. He made a number of comments about my appearance that made me feel… uncomfortable. He said I was ‘pretty’, and he said that ‘with skin like that’ I’d be lots of people’s first pick. Even after our little interaction with the Taggish kid, it didn’t occur to me that he was referring to my skin tone… I don’t know… maybe on account of how he prefaced it by calling me ‘pretty’. Anyways, further explanation revealed that it was the fact that I was visibly not one of the Kṣalar, and specifically that I was White, that made me more employable. In fact, he actually had a job for me as soon as we walked in that he talked about being afraid of having to pass along to one of his coworkers until he saw me. The job was for painting the wall of a house in a wealthier neighborhood between Keiltsiyuk and Beltzarka called Vičkeviuk, which, despite its apparently Olarindian name (I was noticing a general trend in place names ending in -uk or -iuk), was ethnically mixed, with rich Sarts making up the primary component.
There were precious few horses available for rent in the stables, and the ones that were available went to the married men, so Káralu and I had had to walk a fair distance—at least a few miles—almost entirely up hill. Between that and the initial work of paddling our way through the treacherous Bay of Keiltsiyuk, we were more than beat by the end of the day, and we crashed after having set up a simple shelter in the woods. As much as I wanted to enjoy another mutual jerk session with him however, the sun was now up, and I really didn’t understand their methods of keeping time yet. Something about notches and measurements of water? Whatever. We needed to get up, so I sat up and started to shake him awake. He moaned softly and stretched his arms behind his head, and then curled up in the fetal position and rolled over.
“Káralu, ṣen, ṣen!” I said, gently nudging his back.
I was pretty sure that meant wake up in Kṣalarpa. He wasn’t having it, though. I tried shaking him harder, but he was out cold. Perhaps it was earlier than I thought it was? I was definitely used to knowing the time, and during the summer I was used to sleeping in hours after sunrise, which I was able to make happen by keeping the curtains of my room closed. Here however, my body had gotten back on a more natural circadian rhythm, and I would often wake up a couple of times in the early morning at the first sign of light. If the rules of time still worked the same or even similarly, then summer time meant that the sun was going to start rising just before six o’clock, and that it would be done by seven. I didn’t know how long the sun had been up of course, but the more I got a feel for the temperature, the more I realized that it probably hadn’t been long. Maybe there was time for a little fun? We had fooled around a couple of times by now, but I was still unsure as to how to initiate anything, since he was always the one to get things started. So, I just sort of nervously laid back down and reached over and started rubbing his shoulders. At first he didn’t seem to mind, but as I kept going he started to squirm and eventually woke up. “What time is it?” He asked, rolling over and still half asleep.
“I don’t know.” I shrugged, “Early, I think.”
“I forgot, you don’t know anything…” He smiled, his eyes still half closed, “You’re like a child. I have to teach you everything.”
He sat up and lifted the side of our makeshift tent up to have a look outside.
“We need to go.” He said, reaching for his pants.
I knew he never jerked off in the morning, but I thought it was at least worth a shot. I laid back down and stretched my arms behind my shoulders, trying to put myself on display. He looked down at me and smiled again, and then he leaned in for a kiss, sliding his hand down my chest and stomach. He grasped my dick as it rested against my stomach, still hard as a rock, and gave it light a squeeze. I felt a sudden surge as it began to leak ever so slightly. Then, without warning, he let go and slapped my stomach so hard it made me jump and gasp at the same time. He moved to put his pants on, “Let’s go, Mirċya.” He laughed. I was more than a little upset, so I pushed him out of the tent and through his clothes at him while I got dressed. My dick was still aching for release, but the day had started, and I was just going to have to let matters subside. He told me to quit acting like a girl, and I told him to fuck himself and got dressed.
Prior to my exorcism, I had been saying my morning prayers alongside Káralu and his family. They prayed in a rather different fashion than I did however, with their palms turned upward, their eyes closed, and they would kneel down and bow and then stand back up multiple times. It reminded me of Muslims, actually. However, when I had asked who they prayed to while we were out at sea, they had specified that they weren’t praying to a god, but rather to their ancestors. Having grown up LDS, this was more than strange to me, since Mormons and Christians at large do no such thing. They of course thought it was equally strange, even off-putting, that I didn’t pray to mine. Since my exorcism, I had stopped saying my morning prayers, mostly because I felt unworthy to even address the Christian god because of my subsequent immersion into homosexual sin with Káralu. I was of course also scared to pray at all, because they obviously had their feelings about my beliefs, and I didn’t want to invite more trouble. Káralu however, still diligently prayed to his ancestors every morning, because of course he didn’t see what we were doing together as abnormal or disgraceful at all.
“Are you coming?” He said, poking his head back in the tent.
I was still wrapping my sash around my waist.
“What do you mean?”
“I want to show you…” He said, bobbling his head, “… how to pray.”
I sighed.
“I’m alright.” I said.
“Everyone respects their ancestors, Mirċya. Prassians, Tags, Olarindians, Sarts… everyone. If we’re going to fix whatever is wrong, this is where we start.”
For a minute there I was insulted at the idea that there was anything wrong with me at all, but I didn’t want a repeat of the day before, so I got up and came outside with him.
“Come stand next to me.” He gestured with his hand.
I rolled my eyes and did as I was told. He held both his arms up to a square, palms facing forward, and turned his eyes to the ground.
“The first thing that we do is we look at the earth, where our ancestors’ naċpa and ṣeṣkalkal resides. Then, we hold our arms like this, strong… you know? We don’t want to look weak to them.”
I lifted my arms up, but they weren’t in a perfect square the way his were, which prompted a smack in the armpit and a blah sound from him.
“Now, breath four times in, count to four, and four times out.” He said, returning to position, “Do it with me until I say to stop.”
I started to breathe, but I apparently was doing it wrong.
“Not like that!” He snapped, “Soft. You breathe soft, and slow.”
I was reminded of how I had learned the words soft and hard. Essentially, Ċimbat punched me hard in the arm, and then softly touched me afterward to signify the difference. Nonetheless, I followed his instructions. Four soft breaths in, count to four, and four soft breaths out. We did this for a few minutes before he told me that was enough.
“Now, repeat after me.” He said, “Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers…”
“Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers…”
“You with whose feet I now walk, whose legs I now stand, and hands I now work. With whose eyes I now see and whose ears I now hear. You with whose tongue I now taste and nose I now smell, and whose lungs I now breathe, and whose voice I now speak.”
That was a lot of vocabulary, and I messed it up on the first try, but he went through it with me line by line before we continued.
“Your blood is our blood! Your bone is our bone! We mourn for your losses, we cry out for your grievances.” He brought his hands over his face, “We ache for your touch.”
He raised his arms to a square again, and I followed suit.
“We remember your debts.” He said, “Ancestors, we stand before you, pirtacau by your annuonges. Give us but a strand of your strength, a bit of your mermanea and a bruaşc of your şannă.”
He turned his palms inward and got on his knees, bowing, but not prostrating. He held his head in line with his heart, and instructed me to do the same, so I did.
“Guide us through this day as you do each day, that your blood may live in us, and that it may live in our children and our children’s children’s children.”
Finally, he got back on his feet and held his arms in front of him, as if ready to accept something being handed to him.
“Let us stand tall and walk straight in your likeness, and give cruvoc to your names.”
When we began our little morning prayer, I honestly felt a little silly. For me, praying was something that was done on the knees, with arms folded and eyes shut, and the only names that were ever invoked were those of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. The typical Mormon at the time began with the phrase “Dear Heavenly Father…” and ended with “…in the name of Jesus Christ...” Mormons were—at least in my experience—more interested in their ancestors than other Christians, spending hours combing through old records to establish who was related to who and how. They called it ‘doing your genealogy’, and although they seemed to find it to be very important work, they never invoked their ancestors. Doing so felt like a bit of live action role-play to me at first. By the end of our prayer however, the hair on the back of my neck prickled, and I felt aware. Of what? I didn’t know. I didn’t understand words like şannă, cruvoc, and mermanea yet, but somehow or other just the feeling of them on my tongue had made me feel more grounded, and perhaps even a little more connected… to something. Káralu asked me how I felt afterward, and though I tried to deny feeling any different because I was a stubborn little bastard, I guess there was something visibly different about me, cuz he just laughed and pushed my face in the other direction and started to break down our tent.
Once camp was broken down we got back on the dirt road and headed north to our destination, Cal Sişuvac. The word cal I understood to mean something like ‘hill’ or ‘mount’, and so it would be more proper to say our destination was Mount Sišuvak, or rather an estate at its base. While there appeared to be a sort of numbering scheme for buildings in Keiltsiyuk, there were apparently not enough buildings in Vičkeviuk to justify such complexity. We were instructed to head to the ‘House of Zarzurik on the eastern slope’. Zarzurik was the name of the family, and the area was mostly made up of farming estates, which meant that the signs indicated which families lived on which street as opposed to the actual names of the streets… I guess the streets didn’t have names, now that I think about it. This meant that you kind of had to know the area to know where the house was, and while Káralu knew where Mount Sišuvak was (which was hardly a mountain at all, in my opinion), he wasn’t at all familiar with the estates that surrounded it or the general area of Vičkeviuk at large, it being a little too fancy a neighborhood for the Kṣalar, normally. As a consequence, much of the early morning was spent walking up and down long rural roads looking for the signs that indicated which lot belonged to whom, and it didn’t help that Káralu wasn’t the best at reading Olarindian or Sartean. Both scripts appeared to be alphabetical to me, but while Olarindian vaguely looked like termite tracks and was obviously written horizontally, Sartean looked like chicken scratches and was written vertically.
We must have wandered around for at least two hours looking for the place, and I remember the way my balls began to ache as we went. I had heard my friends talk about Blue Balls, but never experienced it. Truth be told, I didn’t believe them when they tried to explain it to me. Like, what was the physical explanation for your balls shrinking and turning blue when a girl snubbed you? It didn’t make any sense… not at the time, anyways. Now, I’m not sure if my balls actually turned blue, but they definitely fuckin’ hurt. I remember when I complained to Káralu about it the first time I was concerned, cuz I didn’t realize what was happening, he laughed his ass off and told me we were gonna have to wait until the end of the day to do anything about it. His explanation was more succinct—when a guy gets too close to orgasm but doesn’t finish, his balls hurt. The only way to fix it is to finish. I begged him several times for fifteen minutes to solve the problem, but he insisted that we didn’t have time. So I pressed on, my nuts hanging low and painfully bouncing off my thighs in my loose Aladdin pants as I walked. I quickly went from crushing on him hard that morning to wanting to hack him to pieces with the axe on my waist.
Fortunately, there was enough scenery to take in that I was able to partially distract myself from the pain between my legs. All of the estates on the road were farms of one sort or another, and they were all up and running, as of course life starts early on a farm. I had no idea what anyone was growing, and so I couldn’t tell if the farms were for subsistence, luxury, or commercial purposes or maybe some mixture of the three. I saw a lot of odd-looking flowers growing in the fields, but mostly I saw animals. There was the occasional horse here and there, but there were quite a few more animals out in Vičkeviuk that begged explanation. Some of them I had seen in Keiltsiyuk the day before, namely the vauryxen, the canynxes, and the syracs, but out here where Sarts and Olarindians mixed there were even more.
To clarify, vauryxen were a particularly strange kind of mammal that seemed to take the place of cattle. I spotted a few of them the day before in town pulling heavy loads, and the best way I can describe them is that they looked like a sort of a ceratopsian rhinoceros, if that makes sense. They were clearly mammals, what with their shaggy coats of hair and their camel-like feet, but their faces looked vaguely like a rhinoceros’s, except that rather than horns they had these enormous bony bosses above their noses and and eyes and huge horned frills coming out of the backs of their skulls, like a ceratopsian dinosaur. They were quite the trip to lack at for awhile, and they made really gross grunting noises, not unlike camels.
Canynxes on the other hand, were something quite a bit nicer to behold. They were built somewhat like hyenas, or at least that’s what came to mind when I looked at their sloping backs, but they had long, fluffy, almost cat-like tails for some reason and often times enormous ears, like fennec foxes’, but with pointy black or brown tufts on the ends. They came in a lot of different sizes and color morphs, but different kinds of striped and tabby patterns seemed to be the most common, and their snouts could be longer or shorter. No matter the case, their faces were strangely neither doglike or catlike, as their heads were generally pretty flat, and they had a pair of prominent canines that you could see poking out of their lips even when their mouths were closed that seemed to have roots that grew up over their nose. In fact, their faces kind of reminded me of an extinct metatherian called Thylacoleo carnifex, which I was only familiar with cuz I had been following this blog called Chasing Sabertooths that was replete with fantastic illustrations of various saber-toothed predators from the past. The canynx was apparently equivalent to dogs, and I had seen a lot of them in town as strays or accompanying people.
Finally, syracs were a very strange kind of monkey, the utility of which escaped me. Yes, they were monkeys, and not just any monkeys either, but South American monkeys, or platyrrhines specifically. How did I know that? Wikipedia. New World monkeys are very easily distinguished just by looking at their faces, specifically their noses. They have flatter noses and side-facing nostrils. Syracs were visibly of the New World variety, and their faces looked a lot like a cross between some kind of robust capuchin and a saki monkey, leaning more toward the saki side. However, they walked on all fours and kept their non-grasping tails in the air like cats, had significantly smaller and clawed fingers, and prominent beards. They certainly were not related to the strange, mimicking creature I had seen back in the forest up north, cuz that thing had two thumb-like digits on its hands and feet. There are monkeys with reduced thumbs (langurs) and monkeys with no thumbs (spider monkeys), but no such thing as monkeys with two thumbs. So, syracs were monkeys, which meant that this world had people, horses, and monkeys, mammals and dinosaurs, but… no dogs.
That wasn’t all, though. I saw people riding horses and people riding these weird hoofed mammals called zaldres, or a zaldri in the singular. Zaldres had very moose-like faces in that their noses were oversized, which made their upper lips hang over the ends of their mouths somewhat, and they were actually built rather like moose as well except that they lacked antlers, had dog-like tails and three-toed hooves, and tended to have shaggy coats with prominent chest manes that were usually colored like Australian Shepherds. There were also a couple of different kinds of birds that I saw behind the fences of the estates or in wagons going up and down the road. One of them reminded me of a turkey, except it had these extremely long, partially-webbed toes and a somewhat goose-like face with horny protrusions growing out of either side of its bill. The other looked like a dodo somewhat, except with an almost finch-like face. The former were called cacarens and the latter I decided to just call hogravens on account of the way they literally oinked like pigs.
Then there was the architecture of the different houses. Some of them were very clearly Olarindian, while others were Sartean, and some were a combination of the two styles. They were pretty easily distinguishable. Olarindian houses felt a lot more familiar, and honestly more or less resembled your standard bungalow, except with long, upswept overhangs that were supported by stacks of brackets atop elaborately carved columns that often lined large verandas. The Sartean houses on the other hand, were something else entirely. They did not make use of sloping roofs, but rather each one of them seemed to be some kind of a mix between a pyramid and a tower, or sometimes two or three pyramid-towers at once. They could vary in height from a single story to as many as four or five, and were usually built with four or five sides, each of which just about always had a series of facets to it.
The Zarzurik house was one of the more elaborate ones. The property itself was surrounded by a brand new brick wall that was covered in what looked like freshly dried stucco, which I assumed was the wall that we were there to paint. At the gate, we were greeted by a strange duo— an armed security guard and a transvestite who was as tall as a tree and built like an ox. The security guard had a gun over his shoulder, another at his waste, a pick (the kind you use to crack someone’s head open), and was wearing a suit of brigandine armor. The transvestite however, was wearing an elaborately embroidered dress with short, billowed sleeves that reached down to his elbows and long, transparent and embroidered lace sleeves underneath and a pleated skirt that hung down to his lower shins. He was also wearing this makeup that made him look like a cross between a clown and a geisha. He had white foundation applied all over his face with prominent black eyeliner and darkened eyebrows that made his eyes look like an Egyptian statue, but then his upper lip was done with deep red lipstick with a red strip down the middle of the bottom lip, and red dots on his cheeks under his eyes with slits of red beneath them. To make matters even stranger, his hair was done in double dutch braids that hung down to his waste, he had a full beard that was done in curls with a handlebar mustache, and all of it was very obviously dyed orange. The chest of this guy’s dress was wide open, and he was wearing string after string of pearls and several necklaces with different kinds of talismans.
I was a small town kid from Eastern Washington, and I had never seen a transvestite before—not even on television—so the guy made me feel very uneasy. To compound the awkwardness, Káralu had explained to me the day before that I was gonna have to do the talking, cuz they were probably gonna take one look at him and tell us to leave. It was my job to explain in my still fairly rudimentary Prassian that Káralu and his clan had decided to join the Kurimbirdir in their settlement of the colonies down south, and that we were stopping at the various ports along the way to save up enough money for land. Káralu and I in particular, had aspirations of joining the army. If asked how I factored into the equation, I was supposed to tell them that I was from Thilan, and that they had picked me up on an island up north called Elurea… wherever the fuck that was. Káralu also told me that if they asked whether or not I was a uorban I was to say no, but if they asked if I was a treştă, I was to answer yes. When I asked what these two words meant, he explained uorban as referring to someone whose parents were dead, and a treştă to refer to someone who had run away from home. I wasn’t a runaway, obviously, but it seemed as close to the truth as was believable, so I shrugged it off and agreed.
When we approached the transvestite and the guard were leaned up against the open doors chatting away in Sartean, which sounded kinda like Spanish, and Finnish… and maybe a bit of French… sort of. Lots of rolled Rs and slushy Ss, and the guttural R-sound from French and a lot of nasalized vowels. Anyways, once we had been seen, the guard immediately started yelling at us, signaling with his hands for us to get lost. I put my hands up and tried to explain, “Please sir, do you speak Prassian?” I said.
“Don’t you fucking look me in the eye, you brat!” I guess that was a yes, “What are you doing here?”
“We were sent here, by Dandron… at the waterfront…” I said, looking down at the ground.
The guard marched right up to me and grabbed my ear and started twisting, hard.
“Don’t you lie to me!” He shouted, “Get out of here! We don’t want any Kṣalar or their friends here!”
“Sir, please!” I cried, “We’re here to work. Dandron sent us to the House of Zarzurik. The master of the house put out an advertisement for extra hands to paint the wall, didn’t he?”
I realized as I spoke that I mispronounced the word for ‘advertisement’, as I had only learned it the day before. He seemed to get my meaning though, and let go of my ear. He glared at me with old, blood-shot eyes.
“Who is this Dandron?” He hissed.
“He’s one of the buaştores at the workhouse, in Siknuk!” Káralu interjected.
“Who the fuck is talking to you?” The guard snapped, “Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to!”
“It’s true, sir! I promise!” I said, my voice cracking.
Neither of my parents used corporal punishment when I was a kid, so I wasn’t used to having a grown man practically twisting my ear off and I was getting a little choked up. What was worse was that it was the ear that had been practically torn off by the pyrynx, and while it had healed enough by now that the stitches had been removed, I was very afraid he would do real damage.
“Oh yeah? And what time did this Dandron say to arrive at?”
I stuttered, trying to remember as I had delegated that part to Káralu. The phrases they used to tell the time made no sense to me at all.
“Two rings past the sun!” Káralu said.
The guy let go of my ear and got in his face.
“I’m not going to tell you again to be quiet, you fucking vadzoi!” He shouted.
He looked back at me, his eyes burning into the depths of my soul. He was fucking scary as shit.
“Do you have a bill of hire?” He growled.
“He does.” I said, wiping my eyes dry.
He looked back at Káralu, but Káralu was frozen.
“Well, come on! Cough it up!”
Káralu let out a sarcastic cough, and the guard raised his hand to smack him silly.
“Alright, alright! Relax…” He said, smiling.
He rummaged around in his pockets and handed the papyrus-like document to the old man, who snatched it out of his hands and opened it. He spent an abnormally long time looking it over, and the way his eyes darted around the page it was pretty clear that he wasn’t reading it, just looking for a signature and signs of fraud. After a while he sighed and handed it back to Káralu, pushing into his bare chest.
“Alright! That’s good enough for me. Come on then, boy! Only you! I don’t want him within a drax of here, you hear?”
“But sir! He’s with me!” I pleaded.
“Then get the fuck out of here! We have plenty of help already! Several fine boys bound for the colonies showed up before you two! And look at you… dressed like one of them! What are you, anyways?”
“Sir, please!” I said, my hand on his shoulder, “We’re bound for the colonies too sir, honest! His whole clan is trying to make it down to the free cities down south, understand? They’re taking me down there with them! We’re gonna join the army together, him and I!”
Somehow it didn’t feel so bad to lie through my teeth. It’s another funny thing about speaking a different language, I guess. It takes a while for the words to actually sting.
“I said get OUT of here, don’t you listen?” He grabbed me by my vest and pulled me close, “What’s the matter with you, you got something in your ears! Let’s fix that for you, yeah?”
He started boxing my ears hard, several times over.
“Sir, I’m sorry! I’m sorry, sir!” I cried, trying to duck my head under my arms.
It seemed like every time I was able to get my head away from him he was able to find a new angle at which to slap me. It was my ear first, but then both my ears, then my head, my face, and so on.
“Ketzesken! Ketzesken!” The transvestite yelled. He had a booming voice, like the horn on a boat.
The transvestite and Káralu both pulled the man off of me. By the time they did there was a sharp pain shooting down the canal of my ear and into my brain, and I could hardly hear anything but a loud ringing. The transvestite and the guard then went back and forth in Sartean while I checked if my ear was bleeding. Ever since I had seen It’s a Wonderful Life as a little kid, I was very paranoid about ear-slapping. “Are you crying, Mirċya?” Káralu said with a smile, rustling my hair. He seemed surprised that I would be as shaken up as I was. My ear hurt like a motherfucker, but really it was more that I was shocked. I was definitely not used to adults acting like that.
“No.” I said, wiping my eyes.
“Let me see you!” He said, reaching for my face.
“Leave me alone!” I smacked his hand away, “I’m fine.”
“Let me see that ear, Mirċya.” He laughed.
I was reluctant, but I let him. He told me my ear wasn’t bleeding and then patted me on the back and told me to “walk it off”.
“Is this what it’s always like for you… trying to find work?” I asked, trying to inject as much venom as I could into my tone while stifling my sobs.
“All the time, Mirċya. That’s why you have to be tough! You shouldn’t let people hit you like that.”
“Once Borsuśtzengen gets here, I’ll tell him what happened. He’ll let you boys in, I promise.” Said the man in the dress.
“Thanks.” I told him, trying not to stare.
Ketzesken (the guard) disappeared for a few minutes, but when he came back he was with a tall and thin elderly fellow with a Brigham Young-style beard who came dressed in some peculiar clothes with an even more peculiar hairstyle. While the guard had long salt and pepper hair that was pulled back in a bun at the back of his head, only the front of this guy’s still black hair was pulled up on top of his head in a bun with beads around the base while the rest of it hung down to his shoulders. He looked like an Indian god. He was wearing a fitted long-sleeved shirt underneath a baggier, shortsleeved and knitted sweater, that itself was underneath an ornately patterned hoodless cowl that extended just beneath his shoulders, and baggy harem-like pants, not unlike the pair I was wearing. I suppose it helped that I didn’t notice that I was bleeding from my nose until after he arrived, cuz he looked pretty angry at Ketzesken, and scolded him for a while in their language while the she-male explained. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to me. “I’m sorry for Ketzesken, here.” He said, “Sarruyaltas tells me you boys are bound for the colonies?”
“That’s right.” I said, taking the handkerchief before wiping my nose.
He smiled at me.
“You want to be a soldier, then?”
“Well, then! Future Prassian soldiers are always welcome here at the House of Zarzurik! You two come inside. The work has already begun but… we could always use extra hands, and you’ll be paid well!”
With that, Káralu gave shot a wicked smirk at Ketzesken, and his lip curled in disgust. Before we went in however, there was a bit of business to be handled. You see, the giant transvestite was apparently a priest, and not just any old priest, but one that deals with boundaries. The goddess that he served was named Urtatoli, and she was a goddess of crossroads, doors, thresholds, keys, locks, and boundaries of any kind, really. Because we were both foreigners stepping on to a Sartean property, we needed to be purified by her grace. So, the priest pulled a flask out of the pockets of his skirt and filled his mouth with some hard-smelling liquor and spat it all over Káralu, and then took another large gulp and spat all over me. It was weird, and maybe a little disturbing having a man in a dress and makeup spitting hard liquor all over me, but… I guess it was better than being exorcised.
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2020.12.03 23:52 DeDevilsLettuce I fucking hate Christmas

We have 50 year old women "excited" for Christmas and signing Christmas songs in November, if you dont get ridiculously excited your a Grinch or Scouge. Yeah I'm miserable because I don't want shell out £30 on some tacky lights for a religious holiday I don't believe in. You have to buy things to PROVE you love someone. I'd say about 5% of people who do Christmas are actually Christian. I have to stay in and eat a dinner with family I only see three times a year because thats tradition. The songs are all shit and played on loop for a month if we played "This is Halloween" for the entirety of October people would have something to say. The films are awful they're like they were written by a twelve-year-old and performed by actors who didn't make the cut into the pornography industry. Next September I'm going to let fireworks off every single night and when people ask me why I'm going to put on a moronic grin and say its nearly bonfire night
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2020.12.03 23:27 YungAdept1278 The Luciferian Global Cabal's biggest deception on mankind is being exposed, and they are PISSED. I just lost one of my favorite subs because of it...

The sub reddit I'm referring to is called "not_a_globe". As the title of the sub implies, it was dedicated to information which contradicts the widely accepted and rarely questioned heliocentric and globe models of the universe/Earth. It was a sub which opened my eyes to a lot of information that supports the idea that we in fact, do NOT live on a spinning ball.
Pretty much every single post on this sub was either a video or well written exposé disproving the globe model in one way or another. There was very, very little user activity, which was refreshing. There was also very little commentary from the OP's on that sub (they let the information in the videos speak for itself). There might be one or two comments on a post, but nothing crazy or immediately dismissive.
I watched videos of people who used official calculations for the Earths curvature and digital cameras with high-powered zoom lens across bodies of water prove that there is indeed, NO curvature.
I watched another video where a guy calls multiple different land surveyors and asks them if they account for the curvature of the Earth in their calculations; 90% if them said "no".
I watched video of a rocket with a camera attached to it (no passengers) get all the way up to the exosphere and stop dead in it's tracks; as though it had hit a barrier.
Lots of crazy eye opening information if you have the patience to watch it, coupled with an open mind and heart.
So fast forward to today; I notice that there are new posts in "not a globe"... This doesn't happen often so I'm curious. Well, it turns out that the old moderators of one of my favorite subs have all been banned and the sub has been taken over by a bunch of anti-flat earth, globe enthusiasts. It will now turn into a sub that is more in line with the rest of Reddit; a bunch of mouth breathing authority worshiping dim wits who's self esteem is contingent upon their Reddit karma. A place that I once went for eye opening and mind blowing content will now be watered down with users patting each other on the back for believing longheld scientific dogmas without doing any of their own research at all, whatsoever. Fucking great.
If you are reading this and asking yourself "What does the idea that the Earth is not a globe have to do with the Luciferian Cabal?", well let me tell you. This is the biggest deception you could possibly pull off on someone else. They have fooled the majority of the world into a false religion that is the globe model. No one has ever been to space. No one has ever been to the moon. No one has ever been past the Van Allen Belt. They have the whole world so deceived that we don't even know the true nature of what it is that we're living on.
And the purpose of it all is to make you feel small, insignificant and godless. The whole thing has been designed to remove you from your connection with nature and the universe. The whole point is to get you to think "Well, if I'm just this tiny speck in an ever expanding universe, then my life doesn't really matter all that much in the end. My actions are inconsequential and I should just do whatever gives me pleasure and not worry to much about my soul or spiritual well being." Are you starting to understand? This is why we are seeing younger generations completely obsessed with materialism and hedonism. It is now considered "hip" to be an Atheist. It is now considered by popular culture an admirable trait to be a godless, narcissistic shell of a human. They've achieved this by intentionally conflating spirituality with organized religion through media, hollywood and various other means. You can't talk about the metaphysical anymore without someone automatically assuming you're a Christian or in some way involved in religion. It's just sad. Spirituality has existed and will always exist without those things. The keys to everything lie in our unbreakable connection with nature and the heavens (stars and celestial bodies).
My words will more than likely fall on deaf ears, but here I am nonetheless. The Luciferians are pissed that the globe Earth deception is being exposed. People all over the world are waking up to the lies. Shit, even some celebrities have come out and said the Earth is flat. Neil DeGrasse Tyson even said "that stuff is flat". The evil fucks that run this website saw this sub with all this information that disproves the globe model and realized they couldn't keep letting it go unchecked. They banned all the mods and paid a bunch of globe enthusiasts to take it over. Pathetic.
Always question authority. Think for yourself. Don't accept something as absolute truth unless you can be 100% certain. Always keep an open mind. Don't be afraid to question your own beliefs. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from feeling accepted by your peers. Don't be naive about how little real truth there is in the world anymore. Don't be naive about the fact the real evil exists.
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2020.12.03 23:10 natashaamilly1357 Looking for something serious with the right person

Hi everyone. I'm a law student and non-denominational Christian. I'm plus size and like to cycle, do yoga or aerobics and Pilates every now and then. I love crocheting and baking and cooking as well as spending time with my family. I binge watch a lot of shows and read a lot of books as well. I do write a little too! I can be messy, and don't mind messy people but I am a very clean person - maybe a shirt will end up on the floor instead of the he laundry basket but I never leave dirty dishes overnight or let them pile up.
I like several different types of music, and I sing along to every song I know (I can't help it!) I like memes, fun facts, unsolved mysteries and strange (but true) stories. I also prefer dynamic conversations - not all action all the time, but conversations which flow easily and range from funny to serious to absurd... Etc. Conversations where we both ask questions and provide more than single word responses, no matter the topic.
In a partner I would look for a best friend. My ideal partner would be someone who has strong family values, is at least a year or two older than I am, is kind, responsible, honest, open and communicative, Christian (very important), smells great, is clean and intelligent and of course, funny! They would also be confident or slightly more extroverted/sociable than I am. I'm really just a regular girl looking for a regular guy. I want to buy a house, have beautiful kids and some adorable pets and just live life together.
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2020.12.03 22:54 NBA_acc [OC] How has Tommy Sheppard done so far? Who won the Wall-Westbrook trade? An analysis on the woes of a Wizards fan

Ernie Grunfeld was fired in April 2019. Sheppard took over as the interim GM and was later promoted as the full-time GM. Obviously he just made a massive move in trading Wall for Westbrook, but I'll look at all the notable moves he's made.
Offseason after 2019 playoffs
  • Drafted Rui Hachimura with the 9th overall pick in the 2019 draft
  • Signed Thomas Bryant to a multi-year extension (~8 mil a year)
  • Acquired Davis Bertans for cash
  • Acquired Isaac Bonga and Mo Wagner for cash
  • Signed Ish Smith (2 years, ~6 mil a year)
  • Signed Isaiah Thomas (1 year, 2 mil)
  • Extended Bradley Beal (2 years, ~36 mil a year)
2019-20 season begins
  • Traded Jordan McRae for Shabazz Napier
  • Traded Isaiah Thomas + filler for Jerome Robinson
Offseason after 2020 playoffs
  • Drafted Deni Avdija with the 9th overall pick in the 2020 draft
  • Re-signed Davis Bertans (5 years, ~16 mil a year)
  • Signed Robin Lopez (1 year, 7 mil)
  • Signed Raul Neto (1 year, 2 mil)
  • Traded John Wall and a protected 2023 first round pick for Russell Westbrook
Let me know if I missed anything major, but everything else is mainly dealings with second rounders and our G-league team. But I'll be looking at all of the moves he made prior to the blockbuster trade and then breaking down yesterday's changing of the guard.
Minor Moves
Tommy Sheppard has demonstrated competence through smart asset management and good signings. I won't give him credit for extending Beal since that's a no brainer, though I'm sure Beal wouldn't have extended if he didn't like what Tommy was doing. Getting Bertans, Bonga, and Wagner essentially for free were savvy moves. Bertans obviously had a breakout season with us, Bonga could become a great 3&D role player, and Wagner could become a solid backup 5. Even if Bonga and Wagner don't pan out I'd still take them over cash considerations. Ish Smith was an underrated signing as a good veteran presence and playmaker. McRae for Napier was a slight upgrade.
He hasn't been entirely perfect. Isaiah Thomas was surprisingly malignant despite being so cheap. I don't think he was a locker room cancer but he wasn't willing to be a role player and played awful defense for 23 minutes a night. Tommy was still able to use him as filler to acquire Jerome Robinson. While Jerome might not amount to much, getting a guy who went in the lottery two years ago is a solid move with no downside.
I'll maintain it's nearly impossible to overpay on a one-year contract but I wonder if the money we gave to overpay Robin Lopez couldn't have been used better elsewhere. Still, I understand the signing. We want to bring back some of the defensive toughness we had in the Death Row days and for the time being we're committing to Thomas Bryant as our center of the future.
Davis Bertans: 5 years, 80 million
This move was considered an overpay by some, but honestly I didn't think we'd be able to get Bertans back for less than 18 mil per year. That's what one of the best shooters and off-ball offensive players in the NBA is worth. This locks him up for the rest of his prime. I'll agree 5 years is a little risky since if he suffers a major injury and/or declines heavily the Wizards now have one of the worst contracts in the NBA. But I think his game should age well. He's also a great trade piece (if it comes to that) due to his skillset. Overall, Wizards fans should be absolutely fine with the signing.
Draft Record: Rui, Deni, and Others
Tommy has gotten to pick in the mid lottery two years in a row. While it might be too early to tell, I think he's made some solid picks.
Despite being 21 when he was drafted, Rui Hachimura was supposed to be more of a raw prospect than a fully polished player. That's because he only started playing basketball at 14 and very recently learned English. But he's already displayed great midrange and free throw shooting, decent rebounding, great finishing, and potential to expand his range. Hasn't shown much on defense yet but most rookies don't. Rui made an all-rookie team despite half of the spots being occupied by 23-25 year old "polished" players. I think he's a better prospect than nearly half of the players who went before him. Out of the players who went after him, only PJ Washington and Tyler Herro might be better prospects. All in all, Rui seems like a solid pick by Tommy who would go higher than 9th in a redraft.
Deni Avdija is absolutely more of project. He has a hitch in his jumpshot that could hamper his ability to contribute as a 3 or a 4 if it goes unchecked. And I like his 6'9 height but I'm not a fan of his 6'9 wingspan. But every single prospect in this draft has question marks. Deni is a solid athlete, great passer, and surprisingly a decent defender despite the wingspan. Common consensus is Tommy made a great pick who should have went earlier but it's too early to tell.
So seems like he's made some good picks in the lottery. Outside of that, he's only picked in the second round during his tenure, and I'm not gonna hold it against him that Admiral Schofield didn't pan out.

The Blockbuster Trade: Westbrook for Wall

Obviously by far the biggest move Tommy has made in his GM tenure so far. And honestly? From a basketball perspective, there isn't too much to analyze here. The trade has forced me to accept some hard truths as a Wizards fan. John Wall's best year was 2016-17, the last year he was fully healthy. He made All-NBA 3rd team at his absolute peak. Westbrook won MVP that same year. John Wall is coming off an achilles injury and years of suspect health. Westbrook is coming off an All-NBA 3rd Team selection and was playing like a top 15, top 10 player for the second half of the regular season. To put it simply, the Wizards traded for the better player with far less question marks and only had to give up a future protected first.
I'm not sure what the hell Houston is doing. If they're gonna trade Harden and reset then it's actually a great move. They already sold Covington for a worse player and assets. They somehow got an asset out of Westbrook's albatross. Houston can John Wall tank command and prove he could still have value to a desperate contender.
But it seems they're gonna try with Harden and Wall. Wall isn't a good shooter but he's better than Westbrook. He's a slightly better passer, less turnover prone, and lower usage/slightly less ball dominant. So I guess he's a better fit next to Harden and a more traditional center in Christian Wood. But this team still loses to the Lakers, and quite frankly a number of other teams in the West. If they still want to try to win I sort of understand, but why not just run it back with last year's team? Honestly the small ball team was pretty nasty and certainly better than what they have right now even if they wouldn't win the West. Don't let go of D'Antoni and Morey, hope that with a healthy Westbrook they make more noise in the playoffs.
In short, a protected first isn't enough to warrant the Westbrook/Wall swap. I think Houston lost this trade. But that doesn't necessarily mean the Wizards won.
Even though John Wall has more question marks, Westbrook isn't a 100% known entity. He was an ironman for the majority of his OKC career. But in recent years, he's often played through injury and significantly declined in his output. We saw that at the beginning of last season and in the bubble where he was arguably a net negative. If we get healthy Bestbrook then he should go to work with our spacing, but we'll have to hope we don't see the mildly injured Westbrook who singlehandedly loses games.
So what does this mean for the Wizards? Tommy has done good work so far; did he undo that with this one trade? A lot of people are calling this a lose-lose trade. Wizards gave up an asset to trade their fan favorite franchise point guard for the exact same player. And even if we make the playoffs, we missed out on a lottery pick just to get destroyed by the Bucks or Celtics in the first round.
Well, what were we trying to do if we kept Wall? The goal was still to make the playoffs. The only thing we'd have to show for missing the playoffs with Wall is a late lottery pick and Beal with one foot out the door. Westbrook at the least increases our shot of making the postseason. And if we're a consistent playoff team, that increases our shot of keeping Beal long term.

So why not trade Beal and tank?

Why the hell is Washington so committed to being a first round exit? And honestly, that's a good question that has a lot to do with your philosophy as a fan. While I think Rui and Deni were good picks, neither of them have shown any indication that they're an all-NBA level franchise cornerstone. The new lottery odds make it harder to guarantee a top pick. And this cannot be understated: it is DIFFICULT to draft a player of Beal's caliber.
We could tank and build around Rui and Deni and suck for years only to end up back in borderline playoff purgatory when they're all grown up. It feels like a lot of people think tanking is the only way out of purgatory but it's possible for a team to gracefully retool without tanking. I think Rui and Deni would end up better under a winning culture than they would under a losing team where they'd get more touches.
I feel like NBA fans obsessed with tanking aren't fans of any one team or don't watch any games. It can honestly get miserable to watch. This is where your philosophy as a basketball fan might differ from mine. But I've accepted the Wizards probably aren't winning a championship in the next 10 years even if Beal stays for his whole career. Winning a championship takes a shit ton of luck and usually a highly competent front office. While I like what Tommy's done so far, we still have a bottom 5 coach. And we need more than a year of good moves before we can set our sights higher.
But for now, I'm fine with the Westbrook-Wall swap. Wall is my favorite player of all time. It hurts to see him go. But right now, we should be focused on keeping Beal long term. Making playoffs this year is pretty crucial. Even if Wall returns to form eventually, it's highly likely he'll need a lot of time to shake off the rust after two years of not playing. I think this trade is a win for the Wizards. A Beal-Westbrook backcourt will immediately bring some excitement back to DC basketball and have us in strong contention for a playoff spot. Which Wizards fans should be happy with.
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2020.12.03 22:16 Ok-Responsibility591 Feuds you can watch in quarantine guide

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart
Survivor Series Hart Family vs Shawn and his Knights
The seeds are set here in a tag team match involving of members of the Hart family
Royal Rumble-WWF Tag Team Championships: Quebecers (c) vs Hart Brothers
The Rivalry boils over here
Wrestlemania-Bret Hart vs Owen Hart
Bret Hart and Lex Luger tied in the Royal Rumble and each earn the right to face Yokozuna. Lex wrestles him first but to make it fair Bret has to wrestle Owen and the two put on arguably the greatest Wrestlemania opener ever
King of the Ring
Owen Hart mirrors Bret's success by also winning King of the Ring and gets a title shot at Summerslam
Summerslam-WWF Championship: Bret Hart (c) vs Owen Hart
This match earned 5 stars from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and is one of the best cage matches if not the best cage match in WWF history.
Survivor Series
Owen Hart injects himself into the submission match between Bret Hart and Bob Backlund.
Blowoff-March 27 1995 Raw: Bret Hart vs Owen Hart
The brothers blow off the feud in a no holds barred match on Raw.
CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
Extreme Rules 2009 (MiTB cash in) CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on ultra fan favorite Jeff Hardy.
The Bash: CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy and CM Punk have a 1 on 1 match
Night Of Champions: CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
The feud deepens here when they fight again but are still in singles matches.
Summerslam 2009 CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy: TLC
The feud peaks here in a fantastic TLC match where Jeff Hardy does Jeff Hardy TLC things.
Blowoff: August 28 Smackdown- CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy: Steel Cage
The two blow off the feud in a loser leaves steel cage.
Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz
No Mercy 1999- Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz
Edge and Christian began a feud with The Hardy Boyz in order to get Terri Runnels as their manager. This was called the
This was settled in a best of 5 which ended at No Mercy in a Ladder Match that resulted in both teams being face.
Royal Rumble 2000-The Hardy Boyz vs the Dudley Boyz
The Dudley Boyz arrived in WWF and had this tables match with the Hardyz.
Wrestlemania 2000-The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian: Triangle Ladder Match
All of the pieces come together at Wrestlemania 2000 in what was called a Triangle Ladder Match but they used Tables, Ladders and Chairs.
Summerslam-E&C vs Dudleyz vs Hardyz: TLC
The first official TLC match took place here where they went to war over the tag team championships
Wrestlemania X-7- Hardys vs E&C vs Dudleyz
An absolutely iconic TLC 2
Streak vs D-X
Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels-Wrestlemania 25
The Undertaker battled Shawn Michaels in potentially the greatest main roster match of all time.
Shawn Michaels calls out Undertaker but Undertaker declines because he is the champion.
Royal Rumble Match 2010
HBK tries to get a title shot by winning the Royal Rumble and he even tosses his best friend but comes up short
Elimination Chamber Match 2010
After failing to win the Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels costs the Undertaker his WWE championship.
Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels-Wrestlemania 26
One more time. Takers steak vs HBK's career.
Undertaker vs Triple H- Wrestlemania 27
Triple H steps up to the plate in a no holds barred match
Undertaker vs Triple H- Wrestlemania 28
After 4 years of facing D-X Triple H faces of against The Undertaker in an end of an era Hell in a Cell match then they never wrestled together again!
NXT 4 Horsewomen Against Each other
NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way-Charlotte vs Bayley
Charlotte takes on Bayley
NXT Takeover R-Evolution-Charlotte vs Sasha Banks
Charlotte faces her former best friend, Sasha banks
NXT Takeover Rival- 4 Horsewomen Fatal 4 Way
We get the only 4 Horsewomen Fatal 4 Way
NXT Takeover Unstoppable- Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks
Becky gets her showcase and takes on The Boss
NXT Takeover Brooklyn- Sasha Banks vs Bayley
Another iconic match, after this all 4 Horsewomen came into the ring for to share an emotional moment.
NXT Takeover Respect- Sasha Banks vs Bayley
The end of the Horsewomen Era in NXT was here in the first ever Iron Women Match.
Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar
Survivor Series 2002- Brock Lesnar vs Big Show
Paul Heyman screws Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angles friend.
Armageddon 2002- Kurt Angle vs Big Show
Angle gets Brock's help to face the Big Show if Angle would give Brock a title shot.
Raw- Kurt Angle Screws Brock Lesnar
Kurt hires Paul Heyman as the head of his management team and goes back on his deal.
Royal Rumble 2003 Brock vs Big Show and Royal Rumble Match
Brock beats Big Show for the right to enter the Rumble and then he wins it to go on to Wrestlemania
Wrestlemania 19- Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar faces Kurt Angle for the title
Vengance 2003- Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle vs Big Show
Kurt Angle heels his neck and then faces Brock and Big Show in a triple threat match for the title
Summerslam 2003- Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle
Brock Faces Kurt in a Singles match for the title.
Smackdown- Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle Iron Man Match
The two put on a classic 60 minute Iron Man match (45 minutes on the network).
The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock vs Steve Austin D-X in your house
In their first high profile singles match, Steve Austin takes on The Rock for the Intercontinental title.
Royal Rumble Match 1998
They temporally truce at the Royal Rumble
Deadly Games tournament Survivor Series 1998
At the end of the Deadly games tournament they cement the rivalry along with Vince.
Royal Rumble Match 1999
The rivalry continues when Steve Austin enters the Royal Rumble
Wrestlemania 15- The Rock vs Steve Austin
Rock and Austin have their first ever Mania singles match
Rock vs Steve Austin- Backlash 1999
The Wrestlemania rematch is no holds barred
Royal Rumble 2001- Royal Rumble Match
In my personal favorite Royal Rumble ever, the two lock eyes towards the end
Wrestlemania 17- Steve Austin vs The Rock
They have their best Mania match at Wrestlemania x-7
Raw- Steve Austin vs The Rock Steel Cage
They have a rematch in a Steel Cage
Wrestlemania 19- Rock vs Steve Austin
They fight one on one in Steve Austin's final match.
Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
Backlash 2008- Shawn Michaels vs Batista
Batista is mad at HBK for retiring Flair so they have a match at Backlash with Jericho as special guest referee.
Judgement Day 2008 Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
Because of what happens at Backlash Y2J and HBK go have a match here while the rivalry is somewhat friendly.
The Rivalry is set in stone on Raw
Chris Jericho throws Shawn Michaels through the JeriTron.
Great American Bash- Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
Jericho and HBK have an insanely dramatic match
Summerslam 2008- Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
Nobody is safe not even family
Unforgiven 2008- Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho and World Heavyweight Championship Scramble
Chris Jericho works double duty with HBK and in the Championship Scramble
No Mercy 2009 Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho Ladder Match
The feud blows off at No Mercy in a ladder match which earned the Wrestling Observer Match of the Year
Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan
Main Event The Mega Powers form
It starts with a handshake and Savage turns face.
Randy Savage vs Ted Dibiase- Wrestlemania 4
The Alliance pays off when Hulk Hogan helps Randy Savage
Summerslam 1898- Mega Powers vs Mega Bucks
They tag together for the first time as the Mega Powers take on the Mega Bucks. During the match tensions rise between Savage and Hogan.
Royal Rumble Match 1989
Savage reaches his breaking point
Wrestlemania 5- Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan
The feud reaches it's peak it Wrestlemania 5 when the Mega Powers explode in the main event.
Johnny Gargano vs Tomaso Ciampa
Cruiserweight Classic-Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa
The friendship is put to a test
Takeover Toronto- DIY vs Revival 2 out of 3 falls
DIY take on the Revival in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the Tag Team Championships.
Takeover Chicago- AOP vs DIY
DIY main event a takeover for the first time in a ladder match vs AOP for the tag titles. Then..."This is my moment"
Takeover Philadelphia- Johnny Gargano vs Andrade
Ciampa gets injured so we go to Takeover Philadelphia and Gargano has a great match vs Andrade when Ciampa comes back.
NXT- Johnny Gargano vs Andrade Title vs Career
Gargano puts his career on the line for Andrade's championship
Takeover NOLA- Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa Unsanctioned match
Gargano and Ciampa go to war in an unsanctioned match.
Takeover Chicago 2- Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa Street Fight
Gargano and Ciampa have a street fight.
NXT- Tommaso Ciampa vs Aleister Black
During a match with between Aleister Black and Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT title Gargano comes up
Takeover Brooklyn 4- Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa Last Man Standing
Gargano and Ciampa have a last man standing match which was supposed to be a triple threat match but Black was attacked by an unknown person.
Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano Steel Cage
Black and Gargano have an important cage match
Takeover Phoenix-Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet and Tommaso Ciampa vs Aleister Black
Gargano and Ciampa both have championship matches at NXT Takeover Phoenix and DIY gets back together
NXT- Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa vs Aleister Black and Ricochet
Takeover Portland- Adam Cole vs Tommaso Ciampa
After Gargano and Ciampa reconcile at Takeover Portland a twist happens
NXT- Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa One Final Beat
One final Beat.
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2020.12.03 22:06 TryingoutSamantha Need help finding comfy women’s, but not obvious, sneakers

So I’m in the dumps right now, probably going to be single soon and I need new sneakers so let’s kill two birds with one stone and do a little retail therapy.
I’m amab and not out yet to the world. I need some new sneakers to wear seven days a week, want them to be women’s for nice happy feeling inside but not obviously women’s since I’m not out at work and owners are super Christian conservatives.
Any suggestions?
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